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A "Feud" Between Beyoncé And Janet Jackson? Say It Ain't So!

You’re a beautiful liar if you say Beyoncé and Janet Jackson are actually beefing, as Bey’s mother, Tina Knowles, has explained why she liked a social media post bashing the “Rhythm Nation” icon.

According to Knowles, liking the post was accidental, she explained on Instagram after fans took the gesture as disrespectful to Ms. Jackson (if you’re nasty).


“I am saddened by this. Janet Jackson is an icon and I would never question another artist. I took Destiny’s Child to see Janet when they were 15 years old. They always looked up to her and she opened doors for Beyoncé,” she captioned the IG video.


“Why would I hate on her ? I know now not to be in a rush and to be very careful. (I learned my lesson) ! Especially when I have so much going on.. I just wanted to clarify. . I do know that you can see people’s likes so I would be pretty dumb to do that.”


Check out Ms. Tina explaining herself below.


The original post found its creator complaining of ticket prices for the second leg of Jackson’s Together Again Tour, hitting the road summer 2024. They also compared her stage show to that of Bey’s on her Renaissance World Tour.

“What a joke….they add $1000 for a 15 second meet & greet again. No front row for fans unless you want to bend over so they can continue to rake in the cash. You want Beyoncé prices, have real production. Just disgusted. I’m not the only one…oh the DMs I’m getting. Way to thank your fans for years of support,” Instagram user @let68 captioned the post. Fans of the youngest Jackson immediately took notice of Knowles liking the post, with one responding, “I do not understand what is the weird obsession with disrespecting The Jacksons. To see Tina Knowles like a post that disrespect Janet makes me lose all respect for her.” Another observer on Twitter added, “Like out of all people, yall choose THEE Janet Jackson to mess with? She’s literally the most unproblematic popstar ever. The woman who paved the way Beyonce walked through years later. Have some shame and respect.”



Fortunately, the 70-year-old‘s explanation was enough for most who also didn’t want to see the two divas and their fanbases beef. One Beyoncé fan page also shared past footage of the two singers heaping praise on one another to further squash the idea of their being an issue between them.



Neither Beyoncé nor Jackson have commented on the social media post or alleged “feud.”


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