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Mallory J.

Born and raised in the Midwest. outgoing - chatting with everyone in the room. Mallory J. truly enjoys playing music that makes listeners feel good - recreating feelings of nostalgia. Mallory J. has been fortunate to interact with, inform and engage listeners On-Air and in the community – providing solid content through a platform that she's passionate about.

Mallory J. enjoys dancing - Urban Ballroom and Chicago Stepping and long walks with her 14-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, Rocky. Mallory J. welcomes you to connect with her on Social Media by selecting the links above.

On-Air Schedule
Monday 10:00am - 03:00pm Midday Jams
Tuesday 10:00am - 03:00pm Midday Jams
Wednesday 10:00am - 03:00pm Midday Jams
Thursday 10:00am - 03:00pm Midday Jams
Friday 10:00am - 03:00pm Midday Jams

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