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Peace and beautiful greetings! I’m your lady DJ, MIZ B! I was born and raised in St. Louis, Mo. and music has been apart of my life before I was even born, thanks to my parents passion for music. I have a career as a National Educator/Instructor of Cosmetology and stylist of 20 years. While going to school for my Instructor license I started volunteering, and that is where my journey begins.

I began radio in November 2008 as a volunteer. I was introduced to the world as MIZ B, a co-host, on a Hip Hop/R&B show on KZUM, 89.3 FM, a non-profit community radio station in Lincoln, Nebraska. The show aired live Saturday’s 12 a.m. - 2 a.m. It was fun, like a hobby. Even though I had to be at work later that morning, I loved it! After a year as a co-host I manifested my own show. A mix show of Hip Hop/R&B, a platform for Independent artist, fun and kickn’ it!! March 6, 2010 my manifestation became a reality! DA KICK IT SESSION #DKIS, where kickn’ it is mandatory, was officially LIVE on-air! DA KICK IT SESSION #DKIS has had some amazing artist stop by and bless the mic over the years: Leela James, Selena Johnson, Tech N9ne, Dead Prez, Shock G & Money B of Digital Underground, Stokely of Mint Condition and many more! Not to mention the amazing independent artist! After 6 years of volunteering I decided to make radio my second career and received my Associates in Broadcasting, May 2017.

Currently on year 9, DA KICK IT SESSION #DKIS, is now syndicated on many FM, Digital and Internet stations and is heard worldwide. I love being the change and the light in the world. Music makes it better! I once was told: ‘MIZ B to the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world!’ This is one of my favorite quotes by Dr. Seuss. I have a passion to promote positive energy and vibes in all I do and music is the ultimate vibration! I’ve been blessed with a gift/talent and I am honored I have the opportunity not only to use it but also to share worldwide. Music IS the Universal language. There is no other language like it in this world!

Be the change and the light in this world ~ 1Love

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Monday 10:00am - 02:00pm Midday Vibes
Tuesday 10:00am - 02:00pm Midday Vibes
Wednesday 10:00am - 02:00pm Midday Vibes
Thursday 10:00am - 02:00pm Midday Vibes
Friday 10:00am - 02:00pm Midday Vibes
Saturday 07:00pm - 08:00pm DA KICK IT SESSION

Chris Russell

Spend your afternoons with great music, interesting stories and some humorous moments each weekday afternoon with Chris Russell and the Afternoon Freeway.
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Monday 02:00pm - 07:00pm The Afternoon Freeway
Tuesday 02:00pm - 07:00pm The Afternoon Freeway
Wednesday 02:00pm - 07:00pm The Afternoon Freeway
Thursday 02:00pm - 07:00pm The Afternoon Freeway
Friday 02:00pm - 07:00pm The Afternoon Freeway

DJ Swayd

Born in 1976 in the City of Charleston, SC and has lived in great cities such as Frankfurt, GE, Staten Island, NY, Wichita, KS, Kansas City, MO, Atlanta, GA, Fort Walton Beach, FL, Las Vegas, NV, Kunsan, S. Korea, Altus,OK and Lincoln, NE. He's simply known as a cool, humble and well traveled DJ that has followed his own path and it's worked out just fine. His style has been influenced by living and travelling all over the world.

Little known facts about DJ Swayd:

- Served 9 years in the US Air Force

- Achieved a full ride Athletic Scholarship in Basketball at Western Oklahoma State College in 1995

- Nominated in 2011 at The Worldwide IDJ Awards held in Las Vegas, NV in The Category of Top40 DJ of the year

On-Air Schedule
Sunday 01:00am - 02:00am The After Party with DJ Swayd
Friday 10:00pm - 11:00pm The Friday Night Flashback

Rick Nuhn

Radio Entertainer, Proud Father, Music, Boxing, Baseball, Cooking & Laughing. "Chevere" Amigos Todo Esta Bien

Top 10 Now & Then is the countdown show that is designed for America’s Urban Adult audience directly aimed at the core female 25-45 demo. Its reach however, extends into other coveted demos from young to old. The broad based appeal of the music, the polished production values and the major market content of the countdown are sure to make it a ratings winner and a favorite with listeners across the board.

So here it is, Top 10 Now & Then, the perfect addition to your specialty programming mix and an already proven winner in markets from coast to coast. Top 10 Now & Then is hosted and written by award-winning radio personality and music exec. Rick Nuhn, and is produced by Ron Shapiro, creative director, programmer, and producer extraordinaire, who brings over 25 years of experience in countdown shows and syndicated programming to Top 10 Now & Then.

We know you will enjoy our look at today’s Urban Adult music scene, as well as our look back at all the things that make the Old School cool! You will find it all on Top 10 Now & Then.
On-Air Schedule
Saturday 12:00pm - 02:00pm Top 10 Now & Then

The Pop Life (Back To the 80's)

Everyone remember the 80's Pop Culture. A time of great music from Europe and some of the best groups formed in the United States. Pop Life back to the 80's takes you to a place with so many fun memories with music selections that will make time past live again. Hear artist like: The Culture Club, Hall & Oates, michael Sembello, Naked Eyes, Madness, The Greg Kihn Band, Spandau Ballet, Cyndi Lauper, Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, ZZ Top, Phil Collins, Duran Duran and the list goes on. Listen to Pop Life, and you will be rewarded back to the 80's. SHOW PRESENTED BY: 247 The Sound Digital Radio
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Saturday 09:00pm - 11:00pm Station Programming

The Soul 70's

Smooth and Melodic Soul 70's Classics

The ‘70s produced some of the most unforgettable ballads of all time. The new sound was elegant, sophisticated, and emotionally charged.

Now all the great soul legends and the lush, sweet sounds of the 70’s are together in one place on the Soul 70's Radio Program. Expect to hear music that made a decade light up with some of the greatest music of all time.

Expect to hear hear these Artist and more…

The O'Jays, The Stylistics, Marvin Gaye, Barry White, The Chi-Lites, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, The Commodores, The Temptations, Spinners, Teddy Pendergrass and so many more!
On-Air Schedule
Friday 11:00pm - 12:00am Station Programming


Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, KAZ is a unique talent that is passionate about music, people and the community. With over 12 years in the radio industry, KAZ has worked for companies such as iHEART, CBS, Hubbard Radio and TownSquare Media. Some of KAZ's duties included morning host, production/producer and assistant program director. KAZ has also shared the stage with NEW JACK RADIO artists Keith Sweat, Boyz II Men,
Tony Toni Tone, Montel Jordan and Brian McKnight, just to name a few. As the creator and host of NEW JACK RADIO Weekly, KAZ wanted to bring to life a show that's fun, exciting and a unique experience that impacts the listening audience.


A unique show playing classic hits of the late 80's and early 90's R&B, Hip-Hop from the "NEW JACK SWING" era. Featuring artists such as Keith Sweat, Guy, New Edition, Janet Jackson, Heavy D, SWV and much more. The program will take listeners on a journey back to reminisce about special memories or moments through the magic of music, interviews, TV and movie clips from the era.
On-Air Schedule
Saturday 10:00am - 12:00pm New Jack Radio

Al B. Love

Al B. Love! has logged over 25 years in the industry and he reflects on how he became interested in broadcasting and production. "I've been interested in "sound" for as long as I can remember. I used to have a portable cassette recorder and I found that when the batteries would run low, when I recorded my voice, it would change the pitch and sound. I also used to make tapes for a cousin of mine in L.A. We would always try to outdo each other. He was very good at mixing but I was better at putting together elements that could be played between songs. So when I would send him tapes, they would sound like a radio show complete with liners, drops and even commercials I would make up. When I first started out, I didn't own a lot of elaborate equipment.-just a Radio Shack mixer, a cassette recorder, a really cheap microphone and some old scratchy sound effects records that I would use to create drops and things".

This was the match that lit the fire to his career choice. However, as he pursued his dream, he had to survive, performing non-broadcast related jobs along the way. While working as a grocery stocker for a local Kroger store in his hometown of Houston, TX, he remembers an incident that most people in radio can relate to. "There was this co-worker that knew about my desire to get into radio,", says Al B. "I was studying a broadcasting correspondence course I learned about in the Rolling Stone magazine. One day, this particular co-worker took me out on the sales floor and said, 'you see all these groceries, this is where you are and this is where you're gonna be!!' "

After facing that "reality check", Al B. refused to be locked into what appeared at that time to be a dead end situation. After discussing his plight with his wife, Connie (who supported him 100%), Al B. decided to leave his job at Kroger and enter into the uncertain world of radio. While watching television one day, he caught an ad for the Columbia School of Broadcasting. Using his severance incentive from Kroger, he decided to attend CSB in order to learn more about broadcasting. And as the story goes, 'His-Story' is still being written today. Since then, Al B. has worked at various stations and formats, accomplishing all of this in his native city of Houston. He has also worked as production director at WOWI in Norfolk, VA.

How did he develop his style? Al B. states, "Well, I guess my style is a combination of several people's styles that I've come to know and respect. Mitch Faulkner, former production director of KMJQ, who had exited before I began working there, is at the very top of the list. Then there's Bill Travis, Shaun O'Neal, Bill Young, James Breedlove, K.D. Bowe, Rick Party, just to name a few. I listen to what all these pros do. I take a little bit from each of them and add my own flava to the mix. I guess you can say it's just like making a cake.

"If his production skills can be compared to making a cake, then it can be truly said that Al B. Love! is having his cake and eating it, too. His advice to others interested in production is: "Take time to perfect your skills. Even if it takes you 35 or 45 minutes to produce just one spot, take the time to do it. The more you do, the better you get. And listen to the radio and TV. Hear what others are doing. And stay on top of the ever-changing technology. It's taken over two decades to hone my skills and I never stop growing. I still make it a point to learn something new every time a walk into the studio.

"When receiving compliments about his work, Al B. remains humble acknowledging that Jehovah is the true source of his talents. "I really appreciate when people like my work", says Al B., "but truly the talent I possess does not belong to me. I'm just kinda borrowing it for awhile.

"What does Al B. Love!do in his spare time? "Well," he says "I’m an avid collector of watches. Especially mechanicals & mechanical/automatics. I am amazed as to how they are assembled. And how they ‘come to life’ when wound. Above all, I enjoy spending time with my family. They keep me grounded….keep me balanced". Currently, Al B. Love! is the owner of Brain Damage Creative Services, an audio production company which he manages from his home. He is also the writer, host and producer of Groove Town Ave.

Al B. Love! â„¢ is a licensed trademark of BDCS Intellectual Property. All rights reserve
On-Air Schedule
Sunday 12:00am - 01:00am 22-22 Groove Town Ave
Saturday 11:00pm - 12:00am 22-22 Groove Town Ave

DJ Raver

DJ Raver loves connecting with Artists that are serious about what they do, watching the NFL, NBA, NCAA Football, and producing cutting edge mixes. He's a Die Hard Cleveland and Ohio State Fan.
On-Air Schedule
Saturday 08:00pm - 09:00pm The Pop Off Party Mix

Dottie Peoples

Few people possess a voice that can usher people into the presence of God with more joy and immediacy than Dottie Peoples. Blessed with a soulful, passionate voice and an unbridled love for the Lord and her fellow man, Peoples is an electrifying presence on stage that turns any concert into an all out revival. Her gifts for teaching, singing and summoning the Holy Spirit collide powerfully on her new CD, I GOT THIS – LIVE!

Filled with the kind of energetic performances and potent lyrical messages that Peoples has become known for, I GOT THIS – LIVE! is an uplifting collection from one of gospel music’s most anointed artists. Recorded live at Siloam Church International in Atlanta, the project percolates with the intensity that Peoples brings to the stage when she sings. It includes such foot stomping numbers as the title track alongside such soul-stirring ballads as “Let Not,” which showcases the depth and range that has earned Peoples the title, the “Songbird of the South.” Released on her own DP Muzik Group, the label’s sophomore project also features her longtime friend Billy Rivers and the Angelic Voices of Faith Choir from Memphis, Tenn.

In penning the title track, Peoples drew on her own experience. “Like everybody else we’re not excluded from hard times,” Peoples says. “I sat here one day and said, ‘Now Lord, what are we going to do?’ And it’s like the spirit said, ‘I’ve got this! Don’t worry. I’ve got this’ and it started ringing in my spirit. I wrote the song and went to the musicians. My musicians always put their little edge on a song. They just listened to my little melody and pumped it up. I love my band!”

The song has quickly become a focal point of Peoples’ live show and the encouraging message is resonating with audiences all over the country. “Everybody can relate to it,” Peoples says with a smile. “I tell them how I was down and out, really going through my own pity party and didn’t know what to do. I felt like giving up and throwing in the towel when the going got tough, but God turned around and said, ‘Child don’t you know, I got this’ and I got peace. Everybody can relate to it.”

Peoples has a gift for creating thought-provoking, life-affirming music that resonates deeply with audiences throughout the world. It’s a calling she discovered early in life. One of 10 children, Peoples grew up in Ohio, but spent summers in Alabama with her grandmother who everyone lovingly referred to as Big Mama. She encouraged her young granddaughter’s dream of growing up to sing like Mahalia Jackson. “I did my first little ‘ole song around eight or nine years old,” Peoples recalls. “I remember singing and running out of the church. I got scared because everybody was shouting.”

Young Dottie continued to sing throughout high school and her distinctive voice always garnered attention. After seeing her perform in Dayton, Ohio, the legendary Dorothy Norwood enlisted Dottie to join her on the road. “She asked my mom if I could go and momma said yes,” Peoples remembers. “Dorothy had a song called ‘Gotta Be Some Rain In Your Life,’ and that was a hot song for her. The Rolling Stones’ lead singer fell in love with that song and asked Dorothy to travel with them and open up the tour. That’s where I also met Stevie Wonder. He was on the tour with the Rolling Stones.”

After touring with Norwood and the Rolling Stones, Peoples returned to Ohio. She continued singing and developed quite a reputation as a jazz vocalist. “I sang jazz all the way up until I moved to Atlanta in ’79,” she says. “I joined Salem Baptist Church and one of the ladies in the choir, told the minister of music, ‘This girl can sing!’ He asked if I’d like to try a song. The first solo I did was called ‘If You Move Yourself.’ I sang that song that Sunday morning and people were shouting. It changed my whole life because I stood there and realized that I was blessing people. Burdens were being lifted. I knew I didn’t want to sing jazz anymore. I just want to sing for the Lord. I got back to my roots and I’ve been singing gospel ever since.”

In addition to singing, Peoples is also an astute businesswoman. She served as general manager of Church Door Records and also launched her own radio show. After 14 years with Church Door, Peoples signed with AIR Records and took her career to another level, earning her first Stellar Award nomination. Her 1994 release on AIR, “On Time God,” was a pivotal release that rocketed to No. 1 on the charts and earned her four Stellar Awards and a nomination for Soul Train’s Lady of Soul Award. Peoples has continued to garner more than 50 industry accolades, including the 2010 Stellar for Traditional Female Vocalist of the Year.

On I GOT THIS – LIVE! Peoples delivers a thoroughly satisfying collection that includes such worshipful numbers as “So Let Us Praise the Lord” and “Manifest Your Glory” alongside the retro-flavored “Back to the Old Church” which features guest vocals by Faye Butler and Billy Rivers. She also includes the poignant “It’s Not Goodbye, but See You Later,” a gorgeous ballad Dottie wrote that is frequently performed at homegoing celebrations. In another of the album’s many highlights, Peoples delivers a smooth, soulful rendition of the George Benson classic “Everything Must Change.”

“We did just a little bit of every side of Dottie,” Peoples says of her new album. “I opened up with praise and worship and then I showed my jazz side and I did a George Benson tune. I always do an a cappella song, and the one on this CD is called, ‘No Time To Waste.’ I’m even doing a little preaching this time.”

Peoples is on a mission to reach people for Christ and that interaction with listeners is a precious connection to her. “What makes me love what I do more than anything is people,” she says. “So many folks come up to me, some of them crying, some of them just hugging me, some of them so excited,” she says. “Just to know that you’ve touched their lives and blessed them like that – it’s a feeling that you never ever get over.”

Dottie Peoples has always had a love for people and a passion for sharing the gospel through music, and when she takes the stage she has a joy that is absolutely contagious. You can’t help but feel that God himself is smiling when Dottie sings.

RADIO -For more information, interviews, servicing or on-air giveaways, please contact Alan Freeman, DP Muzik Group, 404.386.5022,

PRESS – Please contact : Alan Freeman, DP Muzik Group, 404.386.5022,
On-Air Schedule
Sunday 05:00am - 07:00am Dottie Peoples Praise House Radio Show

The Spoken Word

The Spoken Word of God

Hear various teachers and preachers of the gospel to encourage and enrich your faith. Expect to be taught the Word Of God from some of God's most effective and knowledgeable Leaders from across the world. Be lifted and inspired as you grown in God's Word. Study to show yourself approved, a workman that need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth is what you can expect during these two hours of Spoken Word.



The Reverb Live Show is an urban gospel show like none other. DJRRANE and The Reverb Live Crew combine music, conversation, culture and faith in every show. The music is a skillful balance of Urban Gospel Music and Christian Hip-Hop, while The Reverb Live Crew entertains listeners with engaging topics, live interviews and words of encouragement.


Orrane Smith aka "DJRRANE" has been in the Tallahassee area for nearly 15 years. He is a graduate of FAMU, where became a well-known Christian DJ providing his services to many Churches, collegiate organizations and community events. After a successful four year run being the host of he was given the opportunity to do live on air hosting/dj'ing with Blazin Inspiration 102.3. He has provided his DJ services for many churches in the North and Central Florida area. He has also DJ'ed at many youth can collegiate conferences, Christian clubs, and countless weddings and family reunions. Orrane's trademark has been his love for people, his integrity, and commitment to the ministry. His plans are to make Reverb Live a syndicated FM show airing on several major networks and to continue playing music that will entertain and uplift the masses.

On-Air Schedule
Sunday 09:00am - 11:00am The Reverb Live Show

Dorinda Clark Cole

She has been called “the Rose of Gospel,” “the church girl,” and “evangelist” but more than anything else, three time Grammy award winner Dorinda Clark Cole is a fired up sister for Christ and one of the most gifted vocalists in the music world today.

Her Story
The second from the youngest of The Clark Sisters, Dorinda attributes her fiery, convicting singing style to her mother, Dr. Mattie Moss-Clark, who saw the gift of singing and preaching in her at an early age. Back in the 1960’s and 70’s, when other children their age were playing outside, Dorinda and her sisters had to work on their now famous familial harmonies. She says, “We made a lot of sacrifices. My mom was a stickler for making sure we rehearsed before we went out to perform. If we had an engagement on a Saturday or Sunday, during the week she would call us in and say, ‘Hey ya’ll I need you to come in here and rehearse.’ That’s when mom started really putting the discipline in us. She would say, ‘Karen, I want you to take that microphone and sing this note…and now Dorinda, I want you to talk a little bit.’ When Karen the youngest turned five we started recording. She saw the gifts and talents within us and started shaping and molding us. She taught us discipline along with how to use our gifts. We still have those gifts today. It was all in preparation for what we do today as recording artists, writers and producers.” The gift of talking that Dorinda’s mother saw in her as a little girl has evolved into a phenomenal preaching ministry that goes hand in hand with her singing ministry. “I can’t get around the both of them; I can’t leave the stage without saying something…and even when I preach, I can’t leave without singing a line of something,” she laughs.Today this gift has made room for her to serve in ministry to God's glory, while juggling her life as a wife, mother of two; Nikkia and Greg Jr. and grandmother of one DJ.

Dorinda has been evangelizing and juggling hundreds of speaking engagements annually for over twenty years, along with her singing career and being a wife and mother. She ministers nationally as well as internationally in countries such as England, Japan, Germany, France, Korea and South Africa. She made history in South Africa, having been the first woman to minister in the pulpit to over 4,000 people. Dr. Cole has followed in her mother's footstep by having several leadership roles in the International Church of God in Christ. She currently serves as Assistant to the Elect Lady of the Evangelism Department of the Church. She is a also member and administrator at the Greater Emmanuel Institutional Church of God in Christ under the leadership of Bishop J. Drew Sheard.

And to add to that, she is the new host of TCT Network’s Dorinda Show, co-host of TCT’s Celebrate on the Road, former Stellar Awards host, guest judge on Verizon's "How Sweet The Sound" national televised competition, the former spokes model for Donna Vinci Clothing and her “Rose Collection” is now distributed by Terra Mina Fashions. She has since partnered with MR. SONG, an immaculate fashion designer of Detroit, in creating The Bloom Collection, a couture collection of hat adorning accessories. She is also the Founder and CEO of Lifeline Productions Inc., which holds an annual Singers & Musicians Conference. In September 2004 she received an honorary Doctorate of Divinity from Mt. Carmel Theological Seminary of Fresno, CA.

In June 2002 Dorinda released her self-titled album Dorinda Clark- Cole on Gospo Centric Records/Zomba Label Group. This was followed in August 2005 by her sophomore album The Rose of Gospel on Gospo Centric Records/Zomba Label Group. The album debuted in Billboard’s Top 5 and garnered a Grammy Nomination for the Best Traditional Soul Gospel album & won 2007 and 2009 Stellar Award for the “Best Female Artist of The Year”. Her third project Take It Back was released in April 2008 on Gospo Centric Records/ Zomba Label Group. Her latest release, an EP Album titled In the Face of Change, included BAMM, which was a “Verizon Select”. In early spring of 2009, Dorinda received the honor of performing Nothing but the Truth for the Sojourner Truth unveiling on Capitol Hill for 1st Lady Michelle Obama and other officials. Dorinda's solo career continues to progress with a newly established deal with Light Records in 2010.

As a member of the world renowned Clark Sisters, Dr. Cole won three Grammys in 2008. Live - One Last Time won the Best Traditional Gospel Album. Its album track "Blessed & Highly Favored" won the Best Gospel Performance as well as the individual Best Gospel Song. With the group she appeared nationally on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, ABC's "The View", Bobby Jones Gospel, Lift Every Voice, Gospel Superfest, TBN’s Praise the Lord, The Stellar Award and The Lady of Soul Awards.

However, she hasn’t always been at such a joyous place in her life. Dorinda was once a wounded soul who contemplated suicide and now testifies about that very trying time in her life. She recounts, “At that time my mother was not with me to help me get through that rough time. We were always dependent on our mom because she was always there… I didn’t understand why it was happening to me…It was very devastating. And it caused me to go into a state of depression…I just couldn’t take it anymore and I got into my car and I began to drive to the river. I was about to drive my car off the bridge. And while I was right there…the enemy was speaking to me, so I had a war going on. I began to drive and accelerate up to 80 miles per hour. God spoke to me just as plain as day and said, ‘Dorinda, are you going to let everything that has been invested in you go down the drain?’ And when I heard God’s voice, I began to take my foot off the accelerator and the car started coasting right to the bridge. And the Lord whispered to me and said, ‘Peace be unto you.’ And that’s when I grabbed the steering wheel and I said, Lord I thank you. I began to weep and cry. So if it had not been for God keeping me, right then I would have been doomed and consumed. I want it to reach those who are strung out on drugs. I want them to be able to hand it over to other drug abusers and say listen to it and have it bless their lives.”
On-Air Schedule
Sunday 11:00am - 01:00pm The Dorinda Clark Cole Radio Show

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