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Tank Calls Final Album "Bittersweet" As He Laments Over Artists Not Returning His Calls


After decades of creating music, Tank is crafting his final album. He's worked with the best of the best behind the stage and in the spotlight, and the R&B icon is ready to bow out gracefully bow out gracefully. He has defended the genre against critics and mentored several artists on the rise, but it seems that Tank is running into a bit of difficulty as it pertains to having his peers assist with his record.


We live in a culture that is swimming in collaborative projects, whether they be songs or full albums. It is heavily common in Rap and R&B, but according to Tank, not everyone is answering his calls.


"As i close out this last album it’s kinda bitter sweet. I think about the calls i made to continue the connection of r&b camaraderie and all the calls that weren’t returned," he wrote in an Instagram post. "It doesn’t hurt because i needed them it just hurt that making good music together has become about something other than the music. I’m one of the best ever at what i do right now as we speak but that has never been a reason for me not work with anybody."


"The sweet is in the calls that were returned!" Tank added. "The people who did show up and bless me beyond my imagination. I thank you early! For that fans who’ve stayed tapped in my work on this side is done but I will be the driving force behind the scenes getting r&b music back to the top of the food chain!! I write this message in love with the whole r&b universe in mind! It’s bigger than nino brown!"

He added that he still has love for those that have yet to return his calls and he is keeping his line open for them. Check it out below.


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