"Bad News" from the album "Reboot the Sound"

On November 18, Attack the Sound released a robust remastering of some of their most celebrated hits in a collaborative album, “Reboot to the Sound”.

Attack the Sound band members.

Attack the Sound is an eight person band based in Chicago. Davo Sounds is on lead vocals and guitar, Viano on guitar and vocals, Netta Sherell plays bass, Nikki plays keys and vocals, Paris Jamal is on drums and vocals, Vante on sax and vocals, Wei plays trumpet and vocals and Royce Harrington on trombone and vocals.

Their music has been featured on Chicago’s own Windy City LIVE, WGN TV. This alternative R&B ensemble with a whole lot of soul, fuses jazzy hip hop combos with both rock and gospel influences. Their fans have coined the term “Chi-Pop” to describe Attack the Sound’s distinct musical style.

Attack the Sound has opened for the popular rapper, Taylor Bennett as well featuring on Chicago’s own Windy City LIVE, WGN TV. Attack the Sound have been developing their Chi-Pop sound since 2017. They also like to experiment with different musical genres and influences. Their new album, “Reboot the Sound” showcases their signature Chi Pop sound and offers a modern twist to classic Motown sounds.

Album Cover for “Reboot to the Sound” which is out now.

Lead Singer, Davo Sounds when asked about the inspiration and creative process behind the new album said that:

“I had a blast preparing and creating new tracks for this project. I was able to team up with a lot of Chicago talent to get something unique and vibrant. Vince Lawrence, one of the originators of House music created a dance mix for Love is War. Gabriel Alex revived People Make Love, establishing an open verse for Joel Q (Korporate Chicago) and BeeDotKay (Bianca Shaw) to rap on. Lord Haiti ( Mansa Miss 2k20) and Ramon King (10 Day, Chance the Rapper) got down on a Love is War remix heavily influenced by Juke and African music. All mixed and mastered with Gabriel Alex, Jesse Parks, Parios Jmal, Geronimo Approved, Danny and John Christy at Studio 2020, Ksenia “KSound” Plastinina at The Major Studio and Cruz at The Jungle AE. This has become very Chicago and I’m excited for you to hear it.”

Attack the Sound also won Best Cinematography at the Best of the Midwest Awards for their most recent music video “Love Is War”. The band ended 2021 on a high note with the release of this new album. The opening track “Bad News” features John Renaissance and sets the tone for the remainder of the album with its confident lyrics and R&B Chi Pop sound.

Other songs on the album include “Love is War (remastered)”, “Music Soul on Fire (remastered)”, “People Make Love (remastered)”, “Pick up your Phone (remastered)”. The album also has bonus tracks: “Love is War - Juke Mix (featuring Gabriel Alex), “Love is War - dance mix (featuring Vince Lawrence), “People make Love - remix” (featuring Joel Q) and the bonus remix, “People Make Love” featuring Bee Kay.

They also won the ‘Judge’s Choice’ at the Midwest Film Festival for “Love Is War”. They are now signing a major sync deal with Winding Way Records. In 2022, Attack the Sound plans to team up with celebrated guitarist Isaiah Sharkey in 2022 to work on new projects. “Reboot to the Sound” is out now on all the usual platforms.

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We'd never have thought that Beyonce was a bee-keeper

So you know all of the lyrics off by heart, you've memorised the tracklisting for every album and you can quote the time stamp for each single. Well, maybe not quite, but let's say you're a big fan of a whole lot of R&B heroes. What do you know about their life outside of music? Of course, us fans love them the most for what they bring to the world creatively, but it's always interesting to find out what our idols do in their spare time. These are the hobbies of some of the most fascinating names in R&B right now.

Nelly, Poker Player

There are a lot of R&B artists who enjoy a trip to the casino as there's something about the glitz and glamour that ties both worlds neatly together. So, it will come as no surprise that Nelly isn't any different. The only thing that separates this star from the rest of the casino clique is his preference for poker above all else. The artist has got quite the talent at the table and has even played in a few big tournaments. Sadly the poker table moment that he is most remembered for is when he finally lost his cool at an opponent who was talking down to him. We've all been there, in a moment where we've blown our fuse, but in the world of celebrity, you just can't afford to. Hot-headed or not, Nelly has a real talent for poker and we're looking forward to seeing him back at the table and winning again. If all of this talk has got you wondering whether you might be any good at the game, then you might want to try it out for yourself. So, Where Can You Play Online Poker? In the US each state has different laws, but the majority will let you play online.

Chris Brown, Burger Flipper

Chris Brown is no stranger to the limelight, for good reasons and for bad. His latest work with Joyner Lucas has thrust him right back into the spotlight again for all the right reasons. Chris' hobby came about at a low point in his life, but taking it to the level that he has might just have made him some serious money! Being a massive burger lover, Chris set about searching for a restaurant to buy. He ended up settling on the Burger King chain and now owns no less than fourteen Burger King restaurants. Some might argue that this hobby is more business than pleasure, but if you listen to Chris talking about his love for the restaurant, then you might realise it definitely crosses between the two.

Beyonce, Queen Bee

Although many of us know her as Queen B, this nickname might be a weirder coincidence than you had originally thought. After all, it's just the first letter of her name, right? That's certainly how the nickname began, but Beyonce mentioned in a recent interview that she actually enjoys bee-keeping as a hobby. It might be difficult to imagine this glamorous diva dressed head to toe in protective clothing, but apparently, she's a keen hobbyist with hives of her own. Producing honey from your backyard has been a popular hobby with gardeners, hippies and allotment owners for decades, but thanks to the anti-allergen and anti-oxidant properties of honey, it's now becoming more and more popular with the rich and famous. Whether they're smothering it on their skin, drinking it in their tea, or selling it to all their Hollywood pals, it's funny to see so many celebs getting in on what was once such a niche hobby.

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Singer-songwriter Devon - picture credit - Brianna Bornstein

Devon has just released her new single “Pop” which is a track from her third full-length feature album, “Helium” released in October this year.

Los Angeles-based indie pop artist Devon describes “Pop” as a sassy break-up song and it really is. This song references the end of a romantic relationship without any hint of regret or bitterness. It’s the kind of empowering melody you want to hear after a breakup. Especially if you’re hanging out with your friends who are supporting you throughout the process.

In the playful music video for “Pop”, Devon tells us that it’s better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all. The opening lyrics really convey the sense of confidence and positivity which carries “Pop” all the way to its logical and upbeat conclusion:

Sometimes I feel like it's my birthday

Cause I'll be holding onto you just like a balloon

You know I want you in the worst way

But hot air and helium are getting to you

If I let you go

Would you fly to the top

Well baby I don't know I don't know

But I think you'd pop

Yeah I think you'd pop

Singer-songwriter Devon - picture credit - Brianna Bornstein

Devon was raised in a musical family and she plays both piano and guitar. Early on, she knew she was destined for a career in music. Even as a teenager she was writing and self-producing her own music. Her debut album, “Love and Haight” was released in 2014 and received critical acclaim from both 34th Street Magazine and WRUV in Burlington who also compared her to Alanis Morissette. In that same year, Devon toured the Eastern United States playing gigs on the Vans Warped Tour.

Growing up, Devon was inspired by Adam Duritz (Counting Crows), Sara Bareilles, Sam Melo (Rainbow Kitten Surprise), and Joni Mitchell. These influences are apparent in her performances as is the time she spent living and performing in New York City and Philadelphia. In those cities, Devon played at venues such as Bowery Electric, Mercury Lounge, Rockwood Music Hall, Hard Rock Cafe and World Cafe Live. She amassed a loyal fan base in that period. Philly radio station, WXPN also applauded her songwriting as “direct and highly personal, combined with an eccentricity, bubbly and beaming.”

Devon’s EP, “Never Mind” has been favorably compared to Stevie Nicks and the soundscapes of The 1975.

Devon’s second album “What If I” was released in 2017 and featured the breakout single, “Heart”. This album really provided a solid base for her introspective 2019 EP, “Songs from the Back of a Bar” which received rave reviews for its “quirky melodies which create a wonderful soundscape”.

More recently, Devon relocated to Los Angeles, where she is now based, to start work on her “Helium” album. Producing the record herself, “Helium” is her most mature work to date and is colored with shades of Lorde, Tones And I as well as Suzanne Vega. Devon’s music will strike a chord with young adults trying to make their mark in the world while navigating significant relationships and milestones.

Check out Devon’s newest single, “Pop” which is out now.”

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Canadian singer-songwriter Asahavari

The South Asian singer-songwriter and Toronto native, Ashavari has just released her new first EP, “BitterSweet” which includes four tracks: “Frustrated”, “Sweeter” and “Rewired Heart” and “VIP”. All four songs were written by the artist, Ashavari Anna Joshi, and "Frustrated" was done in collaboration with Adrian Mitchell. She did all her own vocal arrangements on her own and recorded the EP from home.

The EP features producers, Abraham Lilson, Brenner Comas, Jesse Just-Costa and QREEPZ. The EP was mixed and mastered by both QREEPZ & Yuri Koller of RCR Studios.

Image alt text: A clip from Ashavari’s music video, “Frustrated”

Ashavari’s debut EP tells a story about her own healing journey and recovery from trauma from physical and sexual abuse. This four song EP is a snapshot of her life when she first started the healing process.

The EP and particularly the sublime music video for “Frustrated” really showcases the Asian cultural influences in both the song, the arrangements and the choreography. Ashavari’s unique sound and her impressive vocal range explores neo-soul and lo-fi pop vibes with elements of electronic fusion and future bass. All four songs sit confidently in the alternative R&B pop genre and style.

Ashavari’s brand identity uses anime-inspired artwork for all four tracks to deliver a powerful visual statement about her own personal identity and the narrative of her own life.

The music video for “Frustrated” was directed and styled completely by the artist, Ashavari, herself on a limited budget. She successfully managed to complete filming even in the midst of pandemic lockdowns in Canada, admitting that this was a challenging process.

Despite these considerable obstacles, the music video “Frustrated” is a powerful expression of her frustration with the disappointment she has experienced in unfulfilling relationships, and the video opens with the lyrics:

“I keep on giving but I can't get it back

I keep reciprocating love that never lasts

Whenever you get close I swear the time gets fast

I keep on giving but I can't get it back.”

In “Frustrated”, Ashavari asks:

“Is it wrong to think that I deserve more?

Is it wrong to feel like your love is unsure?

“Frustrated” was produced, mixed and mastered by Seattle-based producer QREEPZ.

[caption id="attachment_122108" align="aligncenter" width="1572"]Canadian singer-songwriter Ashavari Canadian singer-songwriter Ashavari[/caption]

Ashavari is a natural performer and her musical training started very early. The singer-songwriter and model was born in Mumbai, India and her family immigrated to Toronto, Canada when she was a child.

Her unique musical style blends her Indian-Asian influences with R&B pop and the neo-soul genre. She is a versatile singer with an impressive vocal range and she has also shared the stage with progressive metal bands in her native Canada such as Sonata Arctica & The Agonist.

She now finds that her smooth, sultry vocals are firmly established in the R&B pop and neo-soul musical genres.

Ashavari first appeared on the music scene as a solo artist in 2019. She collaborated with Gold artists and former NEW CITY singer, Adrian Mitchell, known for his work with Timbaland. In 2020, she was featured on “I OWN IT” by Seattle hip hop artist, HI-DEF and producer Qreepz. The song hit 10,000 streams in a month and got radio play on Spoon 107.5.

Ashavari has graced the stage of many iconic venues in Canada like The Opera House, The Velvet Underground, The Rivoli and Petit Campus Montreal both as a singer and model-dancer.

She's also walked the runway for Fashion Art Toronto, a prestigious alternative fashion show. She has also appeared as backup dancer for Dorian Electra in 2018, where Rina Sawayama was headlining.

Ashavari's “Frustrated” is the first single from her debut EP, “BitterSweet” which is out now.
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Listen to Ashavari's debut EP:

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Music transcends language and barriers. It’s an art that many of us use as an escape. It is a beautiful thing. So, how come some genres get more praise than others nowadays? We’ve written this article to touch upon the topic of rhythm and blues, and why its popularity has declined (or not).

For the clueless ones, rhythm and blues pertain to R&B, which by definition signifies a type of pop music of black origin with soulful vocals and a lot of improvisation. Think Alicia Keys, Aaliyah, or John Legend. If you don’t know who those are, then clearly we are getting a bit old here.

And for those who want some downtime while listening to their favorite tunes, it’s high time that you delegate some academic responsibilities to seasoned and affordable experts. Try Studyfy’s paper proofreading service and give yourself a chance to relax and get away from the endless hustle. Perhaps you have a paper or two that’s lengthy and needs attention.

Moving on, here’s the article:

1. Mainstream Dominance

One of the main reasons why R&B might not be as popular amongst students as it was in the past, is because of the music that’s being pushed to the mainstream’s spotlight. Artists like Cardi B, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, and so on.

Mainstream music dominates most platforms online whether it’s on Youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud, or any other platform that streams songs. Moreover, these artists are behind huge record labels that have the resources to keep them in the spotlight for a very long time.

Music, just like any other industry nowadays, is heavily commercialized.

2. Pop Culture Values

Pop culture values are dominated by trends. What’s in right now? Who should I be following and listening to? This goes for every generation, and music staples a sort of identity for each era. The 60s were all about psychedelic music, the 90s were all about grunge, and so on.

Each era had its values that came with the music’s particular identity and staple. Modern-day values concentrate heavily on being successful, dominant, and rich. The music reflects those values blatantly. That’s why rap is ridiculously popular these days because they convey these types of values. And even pop does its fair share to promote this.

Essentially, R&B is a more soulful and emotional genre, therefore it doesn’t focus so much on what pop culture tends to put importance in.

3. Inadequate Representation

This point is similar to the first and second points. It’s another simple but clear reason as to why the music genre isn’t as liked by this generation. There are many artists representing pop and rap because they are two of the most dominant genres of music in this particular era.

Naturally, artists still need to make money, so most of them will fall in one or the other genre. Why would they do music that won’t sell as well? It’s a sad and grim fact. Of course, there are many artists out there who do music because they love it and stay authentic to what they want to do, but it’s blatantly obvious that many of them will remain more underground and make considerably less than artists who ‘sell out’.

Money is everything, but it’s a huge factor. At the end of the day, people will have different reasons for starting a music career, and even if it’s idealistic and heartwarming to think that all musicians do music purely because they love a specific genre, some artists are only chasing income and fame.

4. Music Landscape Is Ever-Changing

Nothing is permanent they say, and the only constant changes. Just like everything else, from globalization, industrialization, to digitalization. Everything changes, and a new age ushers novelty. We can’t compare music that was popular in the 1920s to what’s popular now.

The music landscape, in particular, is very fluid. Many genres that you hear today are just modifications of what already existed in the past! Just new variations of what was already there. For example, pop-rock was quite the hit in the early 2000s with artists like Avril Lavigne and Green Day rocking it out on MTV. Nowadays, songs from Lil Peep, Juice WRLD, and similar artists have fused modern-day rap style with emo rock from earlier years.

Another example is songs from Lana Del Rey, which people dub as coming from an older more elegant era. However, Lana’s music is a modernized and inspired version of Jazz, Indie rock/pop, Psychedelic rock, and so on. She transcends genre and has made something new out of the old.

On that note, we will see later on, why R&B isn’t dead or less popular. It has just transformed and adapted to the music landscape of today, and we’ll be giving example artists, so stick around if you’re an R&B lover.

5. Different Tastes For Different Generations

Similar to the point made before, it’s inevitable that the tastes of older generations won’t appeal to the ones that will follow. Timeless artists like Pink Floyd or The Beatles are still very much remembered by this generation even if they don’t necessarily listen to their tunes.

They serve more as icons (basically a lot of youngins will have a poster or merchandise from these bands but they don’t listen to them). It just looks cool. It’s sad but it’s true. However, on the bright side with novelty comes discoveries.

Final Thoughts: R&B Isn’t Dead

R&B isn’t dead, it's just been redefined. And yes, students do still listen to the new versions of R&B. While this may irk some old-school fans, there is still hope left for you in this world. Some highly noteworthy artists might just become your new favorites.

JMSN: this artist is much more underground than the others, but even if his popularity doesn’t match our other examples, his artistry, talent, and music are top-notch, raw, and great.

SZA: A wonderful and unique voice hailing from the label TDE, Sza was quite underground before she hit fame. Now she sings with the likes of The Weeknd. Don’t be fooled by her popularity now, just take a look at her discography and listen to her older albums. Her music is authentic, raw, emotional, deep, and unique.

Frank Ocean: Just listen to his album ‘Blonded’. Thank us later.

The Weeknd: He’s a good example of new-age R&B. Much of his music is very dark and controversial, but his older albums like ‘The Trilogy’ clearly show elements of R&B.

Jhene Aiko: Jhene Aiko’s songs are soulful, and her voice could probably snatch your soul away. She’s a modern R&B artist, and her craft is phenomenal.

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The Eritrean-Canadian singer and artist, Kibra, released her new single and music video, “Live Your Life” on November 26, 2021. Kibra’s earlier EPs received critical acclaim from Vogue Italia, Noctis Magazine, R&B Radar, iMullar, Spotify's ‘Fresh Finds’ and Apple Music's Future Hits’.

The track “Live Your Life” is the second single in Kibra’s upcoming full-length album which will be released next year. The song is about Kibra paying homage to her ancestors who laid the foundations for the life she has today. Kibra recommends that we all live our lives to the fullest as possible and to appreciate the blessings we have in life.

Kibra’s earlier EPs “And It Was Good Last Summer” and “All That” received rave reviews from fans and critics alike. The Toronto songstress has been captivating listeners with her hybrid fusion of smooth R&B sounds, agile jazz vocals and pan-African inspired music.

Her musical style comes from her diverse upbringing and lived experiences which inspired her unique Afrofusion sound. Her music delivers messages which tackle important social issues and bring hope and love to communities. Whether it’s leading the Juno Award winning Toronto Mass Choir, performing with the Toronto Jazz Orchestra, headlining AfroFest in Ghana, or showcasing at SXSW in Texas, Kibra strives to create and share music that will connect with as many people as possible at the deepest and most intimate level.

Her new single “Live Your Life” is an exquisite R&B pop offering which fuses her East African heritage with modern R&B soul melodies. The lush harmony includes resounding strings and drum percussion.

In the music video for “Live Your Life”, Kibra collaborated with film directors Mez Mariye and DirektorLee to create this divine, regal and joyful visual offering. Discussing the process behind the music video, Kibra says:

“The video was probably the most fun I've ever had on a shoot. The joy you see in that video was 100% real. We all had the best time. I wanted to use this video to highlight the diversity within Blackness and Africans, a way for us to come together and show how beautiful it can be when we do. I wanted to display Black girl joy, Black girl magic, African divinity, and African pride. I wanted to depict Black women in nature, having fun and enjoying each other's company, just blocking out all the stress the world puts on us. I wanted to inspire people to live their best lives and be proud of where they are from. And I hope I did that”.

The music video celebrates themes of community, black girl joy and black beauty. It also captures Kibra and her friends taking a break from their busy and stressful day-to-day existence to simply live their lives, smell the roses, appreciate their freedoms, and enjoy each other, with their ancestors watching on joyfully. It also showcases Kibra in all her divine femininity, performance prowess, artistic and stylistic glory.

When asked what inspired her to write the song, “Live Your Life”, Kibra says:

“Being so proud of my Eritrean and Ethiopian culture, I've been wanting to make a song that incorporates that sound for quite some time. I've also spent a few months in Ghana, and have an undying passion for Pan Africanism, so I'm always thinking of ways to use my music and platform to promote it. In terms of the lyrics, many of us have been having a tough time throughout this pandemic, with several communities facing hardships every day – many of them go unnoticed or fall off the radar. People deal with issues that are ingrained in our systems and social structures, and it can get very difficult to push through, so this song's just encouraging people to live their life, live it in your own unapologetic way; that in itself is a form of resistance”.

The single “Live Your Life” and the music video comes out on November 26.

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1. Hello Ms Radmila Lolly. How are you?
Thank you for having me. Such a pleasure to be here with you. Things are going extremely well despite the pandemic. I’ve been blessed.

2. You are a successful Music and Fashion artist. What and who inspired you to come this far in your journey?
Thank you for asking, I’ve had a colorful and stimulating upbringing. My mother inspired me to sing and compose music. She certainly shaped my future from an early age, and made me believe that I can accomplish anything as long as I work hard at it.

3. We would like to know more about your music career, about your struggles, and how the audience is loving your work so far.
So on a daily basis I have to always keep working towards my goals so people can see my vision. It is not easy to keep everything moving forward at times but I am fortunate that I have good family, friends and a team that always has my back.

4. Until now, you have released many songs and debuts that have been hits. What is that one song that broke all records and became the reason for your recognition in the industry?
Magic” is one of my latest songs released in 2021. It’s been very successful on TikTok, and I love to see people do it as a TIkTok dance challenge.

5. So Ms Radmila Lolly, last year had been a nightmare for everyone due to the pandemic. What helped you cope with it and keep going as an artist?
Life has never been an easy path for me, but I’ve always made the best of my circumstances. I’m used to dealing with some form of adversity or another. For this reason, I was able to cope well with pandemic, and used it as an opportunity to refine my craft, especially in the arena of music.

6. You are such an amazing singer. What made you enter into the world of fashion?
Early on in my career I wore other designers clothing. As I started to wear my own designs I would receive numerous compliments from people, especially in the fashion world. So the natural transition was to launch my own designer collection and the rest is history.

7. Ms Radmila, we have seen you reach heights in a short time. According to you, what is the most important life tip to be successful in your passion and profession?
I believe that being resilient is the key. No matter what people say or whatever the odds, I believe that never giving up and being diligent at whatever the endeavor you undertake is important.

8. What will be your advice to other fellow artists who are still struggling to make their names in the industry?
Never give up and always follow your dreams. Also, put a lot of time effort and whatever else you have to make your assign a reality.

9. We know your next, most important project is Diva. You have been working on Diva for more than says Daily Reuters. Would you like to share more details about it and also let us know your other upcoming projects?
The Diva story is exciting to me because it has a lot of plot twists. The book was really fun for me to write. The characters came to life for me very naturally. Can’t wait to release it in 2022.

10. Ms Radmila Lolly, if the audience wants to contact you, what is the most feasible platform for them to reach out to you?
Instagram @radmilalolly.

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Upcoming R&B singer-songwriter, Nisha has released her new single, “Selfish”. “Selfish” opens with some mellow piano tunes and the music video features some stunning drone footage shot from above a lone highway in a scene reminiscent of the American West.

So it’s appropriate that Nisha J struts her stuff in this clip wearing sexy Daisy Dukes, a red cowboy hat and white boots. But she mixes it up with some cool wardrobe changes throughout the clip against the backdrop of a Western ranch setting.

“Selfish” opens with Nisha’s signature “Make it wave BJ” and the following lyrics:

“I need you all the time

You’re my piece of mind

And baby you’re so fine

That’s why, I’m selfish when it comes to you.

I don’t want to share you with nobody, I refuse to.

I need you more than the earth needs the sun and moon.

I can’t help it if I’m selfish, I’m selfish”.

“Selfish” is her newest track, but Nisha has also released 10 other singles on Spotify which have received a lot of attention from her fans. Her earlier singles include: “On Go”, “Miss Me Now”, “Trust”, “Honesty”, “Confidential”, “Next One”, “Time is Up”, “Get it Up” and “X-Rated”.

“Selfish” has a much slower tempo than some of her earlier singles such as “On Go” and “Miss Me Now” while still being a dope dance track for the clubs. The soulful “Selfish” is an R&B melody which feels like a love song. It’s about yearning for the one you love.

Check out Nisha’s awesome music video on YouTube. “Selfish” shows Nisha’s maturation as a singer-songwriter in the R&B and pop-soul genre.

The music video was shot by @Voice2Hard Music & Film Productions. It was choreographed and styled by Nisha herself. The single “Selfish” is out now and you can connect with Nisha on social media.

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Bianca Jade’s new single and music video “Everything I’ve Got” is coming out on November 23, 2021.

Bianca Jade is a Cuban-Jamaican R&B singer-songwriter originally from Miami, Florida. She is now based in New York City. Bianca’s music has a strong theme of female empowerment and positivity and self-care. She tells her followers to embrace personal empowerment and she has endorsed skincare and health brands such as Rhythm Superfoods and celebrity skin care guru, “Elizabeth's Secret Beauty Bar” as part of that messaging.

[caption id="attachment_122116" align="aligncenter" width="1132"]R&B singer-songwriter Bianca Jade R&B singer-songwriter Bianca Jade[/caption]

Bianca’s early influences included female soul singers such as Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston and Alicia Keys. She first got into music at the age of only nine years old. Bianca was musically gifted and taught herself to play piano completely by ear. She penned her first lyrics at the age of fifteen.

Bianca is a seasoned performer having appeared on stages from Miami to New York City including the Adrienne Arsht Center. She also appeared at the International Music Festival in Miami, Florida. In New York, she’s performed at the legendary SOB’s and the Bowery Electric in New York City. Her music has been featured on iHeart Radio and TV shows such as BET’s 106 & Park and NBC6 in the Mix South Florida.

Bianca’s earlier projects included her debut album “B-Light” and her recently released EP “Jade Vol 1” which has reached over 180,000 listeners on Spotify.

She wrote “Everything I’ve Got” to inspire us to overcome some of the obstacles and particularly creative blocks in our lives. She also considers both the financial and creative struggles of struggling artists, in a city like New York, in the following lyrics:

Streetlights - streetlights point in through my window

Blank canvas what I’m doing with this pen though

Telling a story

And these words give life their own.

All these feelings’ never told.

How this waiting’s getting old.

Living in this city where they say that dreams are made of

Like sky's the limit, barely living off these pay stubs.

When will my time come being patient but I'm jaded.

I cannot help it

I’ve just given everything I’ve got.”

“Everything I’ve Got” proves that this Cuban-Jamaican R&B powerhouse has both the ability and the determination to succeed.

[caption id="attachment_122117" align="aligncenter" width="918"]R&B singer-songwriter Bianca Jade R&B singer-songwriter Bianca Jade[/caption]

The music video for “Everything I’ve Got” will be out on YouTube on November 23.

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