Just like Dogecoin, Kittycoin is a fun meme-based cryptocurrency that recently came into play in the cryptocurrency market. While its main aim is to promote fast, cheap, and reliable yet safe online transactions, Kittycoin also contributes a great deal to philanthropy. The Kittycoin website has a range of crypto wallet applications alongside their set-up tutorials. As such, in case you want to use Kittycoin, you'll first need to download a crypto wallet that is compatible with your device. Some of the benefits of the Kittycoin token include:

No Charges for Entry

Unlike most other cryptocurrencies that charge a sign-up fee, Kittycoin allows you to get started without paying a dime. This not only caters to prospective users who can't afford a starting fee but also promotes mainstream user adoption of this cryptocurrency.

Free Tokens for Every New User

Apart from a free sign-up, Kittycoin also offers you about 1000 tokens at no cost once you get started. With these tokens, you can start conducting online transactions, mining, and even investing. Take note that this offer is only valid until Kittycoin gains a substantial number of users. Additionally, the number of tokens will be reducing as more users sign up for Kittycoin, and hence, signing up early will give you an advantage.
Supports Animals

Through mining, investment, and transactions, Kittycoin gains a new supply of tokens, 10% of which goes to philanthropic activities. More specifically, this portion is donated to animal shelters and rescues that are voted upon by Kittycoin users. It helps both abandoned animals in shelters as well as endangered species in animal parks and reserves. From this, more animals get to enjoy a safe and conducive environment.

Fast and Affordable Transactions

Kittycoin offers fast, cheap, and safe online transactions to its users. To give you an idea, you can complete a transaction instantly and only incur less than a penny.

Affiliate Marketing Program

Typically, marketing is crucial for any business, including cryptocurrency investment. Even so, marketing Kittycoin is a bit difficult considering there's no single entity that controls it. To solve this problem, Kittycoin has a built-in affiliate marketing program that allows you to invite your friends and earn 1000 Kittycoin tokens worth of a commission for every successful referral. This promotes mainstream user adoption of this cryptocurrency.

Mining is Possible with Readily Available Equipment

Cryptocurrency mining involves the use of special equipment that can burn a lot of electricity to provide the high processing power required. This can be expensive, especially if you're just starting. Considering low electricity costs can help maximize your profits on cryptocurrency, per the Corporate Finance Institute (CFI), ensure your equipment does not use a lot of power. Thankfully, Kittycoin has a "Proof of Activity" mining method that allows you to mine Kittycoins with your PC or phone. This way, you won't have to incur high costs of purchasing special mining equipment.


These are some of the benefits of the Kittycoin token in the cryptocurrency market as well as the society. With a compatible crypto wallet, you simply need to sign up at no cost to join the Kittycoin community.

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Stream “KREAM”

"Kream" or Kitty Rules Everything Around Me by DIXSON is tearing up the indie RnB scene. His lyrics are incredibly seductive with this track that celebrates the everlasting essence of romance and making love. We have a real winner on the new RnB scene here with this soothing, melodious, laid-back track that is perfect for you and your significant other. Crack open a bottle of your favorite Merlot, sit back, relax, and enjoy this timeless jam brought to you by one of the newest sensations on the scene, DIXSON.

The harmonious, hypnotic rhythms will leave you in a trance wanting more. His tones are absolutely impressed with a range that takes you back and forth. With a Prince-like essence, DIXSON has an unparalleled flow with true originality and skills. His vocals blare sky-high then drops to a captivating baritone-style voice. This is what makes this track so impressive, plus the funky music smoothed out on that fresh RnB tip. Soulful, lovely, and dazzling are just some of the words you can use to describe this single. We have a smash hit single here -- one that will continue to be praised and adored by new and existing listeners alike.

This song is brilliant and is burning like fire across the indie music charts. DIXSON has a magnificent presence on the mic with cutting-edge lyrics and complementary music. This is one of those ballads that takes you back to a simpler time when romance was still fashionable and trendy. The vibes are positive and the reviews for this track are out of this world. DIXSON is genuinely gifted with the ability to put words on paper and to fruition with memorable lyrics and a voice like no other!

Check out "KREAM" by clicking on the link below and be prepared for a musical experience of a lifetime!

Instagram: @dixson

Twitter: @dixson



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Fresh out of DFD, this new single hits right off the bat with a lot of old school flare. ¨Stay Inside¨ is a throwback track that stays true to its roots but also plays on the current state of the world. ¨Stay Inside" seems like the perfect name for a song in 2021, however, it takes on a few different meanings as you would hope music would. If you have been staying in...

This record is for you, but if you have been staying inside a lot with your partner...

This song is even more perfect for your life.

With a lights down low vibe, this single is the perfect date night at home anthem. With clever lyrics and a play on words, what first feels like another Covid song attempt quickly draws in your attention and commands the room. Incredibly reminiscent of Marvin Gaye with a 90s style beat in the background, it won´t take you long to figure out exactly what David Chris and Mr Foster are trying to hint at in their latest release. The word play is indeed a little surprising in the best way but once you hear it... you will not forget it.

With the addition of AmoneyBoo´s breathy vocal stylings, ¨Stay Inside¨ will find an audience among those who can relate to the many ways the world has changed... and the many ways that it has not changed, all at the same time. DFD MUSIC has gotten ahead of the curve on songs that help us to remember that it isn´t so bad to be on lockdown if you are on lockdown with the person that makes you glad to be alone with them.

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Emerging R&B sensation Otis Kane delivers his new EP Growing Pains, a stunning follow up to his 2020 debut EP Therapy. The project is an evolving love story, beginning at the end of one relationship and blossoming wildly into another.

“This EP is a representation of growth for me; as a person, and as an artist. It starts at the end with ‘Fight For You’ which is about being in a relationship, deep in love, past the honeymoon phase, fighting for each other everyday. ‘Lost’ and ‘Without You’ represent early love, when things are perfect, and beautiful. ‘Someone Like You’ represents infatuation, the moment you meet, the early days when you know there is something special, but the future is still only an idea. Finally, ‘Lay My Head Down’ is the beginning of the journey. In this song, I’m realizing that the way I’m living, spending time with people that I shouldn’t be, isn’t sitting right and a change is essential.”

- Otis Kane

With classic R&B influences and honest songwriting, Growing Pains is wonderfully refreshing and soothing for the heart. Otis explains, “I know we all have our personal journeys, all very different, but hopefully people can listen to mine and find similarities, solace, and love”.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Anthony Vasquez who writes and records as Otis Kane found a passion for music at a very young age. His football coach at the time had ties to the music industry, which led to his first recording studio experience. From then on, Vasquez knew that he wanted to pursue a career in music. He went on to spend one year in school as a music major, but left after he was given the opportunity to work for music legend Nelle Hooper (Soul II Soul, Bjork, No Doubt). He worked and traveled with Nelle for a little over a year before he was offered the position of MD/keyboard player for Capitol Records artist Lolene, touring with Lolene for a year and securing his first major label production on her record. After touring, Otis opened a studio in Los Angeles called STRZ Enterprises. STRZ became a hot spot in Hollywood graced with superstars before he eventually left to pursue his own artist journey.

Otis Kane’s natural talent as a singer/songwriter & producer has already led him to work with some of music's very best, including Pink Sweat$, Zara Larrson, Julia Michaels, Wiz Khalifa, The Jonas Brothers and more while racking up dozens of sync placements in his young career including Queen Sugar, All Rise, All American, Good Trouble, and Hair Love. After a successful release of his debut 'Therapy' EP in October 2020 which saw close to 1M streams globally, Otis Kane continues to build momentum, being recognized as one of the hottest emerging R&B talents in the country.

1) Fight For You
2) Lost
3) Without You
4) Someone Like You (feat. Sugar Joans)
5) Lay My Head Down

For more info on Otis Kane, see below:

Instagram | Twitter | YouTube Spotify

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Yung Fulani is a young, upcoming artist with Gambian and American heritage that has just released her brand new single entitled 'All I Got'. With her emotional maturity and resonance, the impression of experience beyond her years, honesty and vulnerability, this smooth groove is sure to capture some of the more discerning hip hop and R&B fans.

Based in Atlanta, Gambian-American artist Fulani is a singer/songwriter that tries to feature her diverse background as much as she can in her singing and throughout her musical productions. As a singer she has a smooth, versatile voice that can be both enchanting and sweet but is also able to express her pain in matters of the heart and about faithless lovers. This is a song of yearning, an ode to her lover and all she is prepared to do for him. Come on over, she sings, she'll hit the right spot and give her man all she got. Her fluid, sultry melodies, and her cool down-to-earth vibe make her an artist to watch out for in future.

This highly anticipated single titled 'All I Got' is composed of a catchy flow that complements her dreamy, reflective lyrics, while counterpointed with engaging percussion that only serve to emphasize her warm, smooth vocals once again. Yung Fulani is currently focused on elevating all those around her with her music, making moves and getting her name known while staying true and in tune with to her essential self. By including, emphasizing and sticking to her roots she feels she can offer something unique. Yung says that this is only the beginning of her music career and that she has a lot in store for her fans.


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Jrdan recently released "Ache", her new single to mass audiences. Her soothing, beautiful voice echoes across the horizon with enticing lyrics and captivating guitar riffs. This lovely singer has a vibrant, contemporary ballad that captures the essence of both romance and heartbreak. If you love slow songs fused with RnB, this is truly a song that melts the heart with every lyric and verse. Jrdan is as gorgeous as she is unique - her vocal range is remarkable and the entire composition is well-versed and scored.

The current RnB scene is seeing a lot of new lyricists and artists take centerstage across the social realm. "Ache" is a track that dazzles the ears while soothing the heart, mind, body, and soul. Its soulful, spirited allure is amazing; the song nearly had me in tears as it fades out in the end.

We have an amazing singer, songwriter, and musician here that will have a wonderful career -- guaranteed -- for years to come. The way the single blends in and out is seamless and effortless across the entire track. Jrdan has brought us back to the old-school day of slow songs that make us feel alive and born again.

This harmonious melody transcends different musical styles and genres. From classic RnB and new wave to free-spirited love songs, there is something for everyone on this single. I simply love the way this tune penetrates the heart with compelling lyrics and strategically-times guitar sequences. It's an organic, natural melody with an almost lullaby-style rhythmic essence. This adorable singer is multi-talented with the musical forecast looking bright and rosy.

Experience the wonder of "Ache" by Jrdan by clicking on the link below. She is working on some more new music that new and existing fans are waiting in anticipation for. If you love heartwarming songs that make you reminisce or enjoy quality time with your significant other, this one is surely it.

Listen now:

Follow Jrdan on Instagram:

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"Running" by Wade C. features a thumping beat with a Kraftwerk-influenced synth-wave and slow techno background. This Radio Edit is incredible, with deep vocals that echo into your mind and soul. A unique production with trendy lyrics and a captivating sound, this smooth yet vibrant track is a must for new R&B music listeners. The background beat is funky and reminds me of the disco and romantic classics courtesy of Yarbrough and Peoples.

There is something so different about this jam -- the angelic, deep vocals and swaying sounds will dazzle your ears. The atmospheric sounds and steady beat enhances the track at every turn. Wade C. has a magnificent vocal presence with great versatility and reach. If you love old-school R&B with today's electro-inspired accents, this is one number that cannot be missed. You will indeed play this track repeatedly as it touches the soul and melts the heart with every verse.

Wade is an accomplished vocalist and music producer at Sealong Entertainment. Based in Los Angeles, California, he is also a screenwriter specializing in audio, visual, and literary arts. Wade is truly a sought-after songwriter that is synonymous with beautiful lyrics and captivating music. He has also published several books and novels with original TV series and motion pictures in development.

The positive vibes and energy of this track are second to none. This unique composition is a melodious jam that eloquently combines several musical styles and genres. The track continues to attract listeners across all the social media and streaming platforms. Wade has created a bit of magic here that will keep 'running' on your media player, guaranteed!

If you love new music with an R&B essence, check out this magnificent song by clicking on the link below.

Running Radio Edit TCAFG2070886

Apple Music

ISRC Running House Remix TCAFH2031644

Apple Music

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Scuuba Steve recently released his first solo EP to critical acclaim. "Something in the Water" features six impressive tracks, all produced by Steve. The album showcases the unique vocals and lyrics of Scuba from track to track. This EP continues to captivate listeners across the social media realm with a smooth blend of hip-hop, RnB, and other musical styles and genres. "Wyo" has a futuristic sound to it with blaring vocals in the background. The delivery is tight, the lyrics on point, and the production is simply second to none. GD mixed all songs on the album, an ensemble of great music for smooth rap and RnB listeners.

"Sirens" has a steady beat with dynamic keys and textures. This jazzy track, laid-back, has Steve's deep vocals blaring to unprecedented heights. Fans across the streaming platforms continue to praise this fantastic work, mastered to perfection with each rhythmic ballad. "Quiet Storm" eloquently captures the essence of the album with innovative beats and mind-blowing verses. This EP is perfect for lounging and chillin' with friends any time of the week. "Undertow" is another excellent number with funky beats and precise production. The nautical, atmospheric elements are fully displayed with enchanted rhythms and a cutting-edge flow like no other.

The magnificent vocals, positive vibes, and funky beats will dazzle your ears at every play of the album. These jams are alternative rap at its best. Accentuated with new wave accents and aesthetics that are on another level musically. "Hades" has a deep flow with overlapping beats that further showcase Steve's multi-talented music skills and persona. Listeners are vibing to this original EP, with each track offering something new and unique for the masses.

Experience the rap fused RnB magic of this EP by clicking on the link below!

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TolumiDE is a Nigerian Canadian who now makes her home in Washington, D.C. Her song, "Throwback" is filled with eclectic R&B rhythms oozing "Suya Soul", her unique take on the genre. Raised in Canada, but born in Lagos, Nigeria, her family moved to Canada, where she completed college at York University in Toronto, Canada. Her real first name is Tolulope and her last name is Olumide. She combines the two to make her stage name, TolumiDE.

"Throwback" is a celebratory song that remembers the good ole days for the glorious times they were for many. "I remember dancing in the sun"... Using both English and Yoruba, Tolumide introduces us to Yoruba, one of the three major Nigerian languages through song. Like all words learned while singing, you don't even notice you're being educated. Plus, the rhythm is so good, you're not going to notice anything but how it makes you want to move your feet.

"Throwback" is a song you can dance to, sway to, and simply relax to if you're so inclined. It's got a nice tone and engaging intent. You get to select how you want to react to the subtle yet moving rhythm. Most will find themselves moving involuntarily, because they cannot resist and their bodies will betray you even if you've sworn never to dance, snap your fingers, sway, or tap your feet before you know it you neck will be giving you away.


Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Bandcamp | Youtube

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Sidibe's "Breathwork" is a breath of fresh air. Sonically, the song is a marriage between soulful, adult contemporary R&B ballad and world music sounds the likes of Enya. Sidibe's deliberate, airy, vocal tones are slightly reminiscent of Janet Jackson in some instances and Sade in others. Yet, even with vocals that feel so familiar, Sidibe's sound and vocal sound and style are all distinctly her own. Her vocals shine and match the ethereal feel of the song very well. Her vocals are the icing on the cake.

It is not often that you find a track where the instrumental production and vocal arrangement have many interesting elements and layers happening at the same time without the production in totality overwhelming the feel and listening experience of the song for the listener. This is a rarity in today's popular R&B music which perhaps lends itself well to this track being a standout among current musical offerings.

As far as the storytelling is concerned, Sidibe croons about the awesome experience of a relationship that flows effortlessly, seamlessly, much like breathing or 'breathwork.' In a similar manner, she drifts in an out of metaphoric symbolism and 'straight-forward' expressions to get her point across. Opting out of the typical two verses, two choruses, and a bridge, traditional song structure, Sidibe is driving her point home by the time she gets to the chorus. Her decision to use familiar poetic meters for emphasis has you happily humming the melody with conviction even without yet learning the words of this refreshing number. Once you have heard it, Breathwork is sure to be a staple in your playlist.

Sidibe Biography

Sidibe’s roots take her back to Senegal where her parents met during the time her mother was serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer. She was born in Louisiana and according to witnesses, she came out of the womb singing.

Her mother’s job as a wildlife biologist kept them on the move and she found herself singing in the forest as often as she did in small town talent shows. Determined to nurture her creativity and talent, her mother unplugged the television and convinced her it was broken. With no distractions, she filled her days listening to music and singing.

By the time she was in high school, she opted to homeschool so she could dedicate herself to writing and recording music. This led to the start of her career as a professional singer while she was still a teenager. As cliche as it might sound, it all started with a chance meeting at the mall. She signed a record deal, but left when she realized she needed to define her vision for herself as an artist before accepting the one the label had created for her.

After leaving her record deal, Sidibe describes how the subsequent depression led her to make a decision that changed her life forever, “I had reached a low point. Then one day I woke from a dream where I saw myself in Africa and I knew I had to go. My time with my family in Senegal resulted in a rebirth for me and I came back ready to take control of my creative process.”

Another turning point in Sidibe’s journey came with the pivotal relationships she formed with Finnish producer Nico Stadi (Justin Beiber, Kylie Minogue, Jason Derulo, Ne-Yo) and the legendary producer Warryn Campbell (Musiq Soulchild, Kanye West, Angie Stone). Nico Stadi has been a part of all of Sidibe’s music as a producer and co-writer and it easy to hear their shared love and respect for the craft.

Sidibe took on the role of executive producer for her four independently released EPs. It was her You Got the Luck EP and the single “I’m Only Dreaming,” a funky yet dreamy love note that led to her connection with Prince. Prince selected “I’m Only Dreaming” as his Purple Pick of the week and included it in his personally curated playlist. As it turns out, this was Prince’s last cosign before his tragic passing. Sidibe is still unsure how Prince discovered her song. She said, “I was an independent artist with no PR team, so how we connected musically will always be a mystery to me. Nobody sent him my music. I guess I’ll never know. But just knowing that Prince loved my music meant everything to me.”

Her catalog of songs feels like a tapestry of sounds interweaving colors of soul, r&b and jazz. As a testament to her talent, Sidibe could be covering Shania Twain and Jamiroquai in one moment before channeling Sade and Amy Winehouse the next, but still curating vibrations that feel authentic and singular to her.

Weaving intimate and semi-autobiographical portraits of love comes easy to Sidibe who explains, “It's hard for me to write something if there's not some amount of truth or experience in it”. At the center of every lyrical soundscape is the five octave vocal range and voice so often described as ethereal, pure and lush. It is no surprise she has said her dream duet would be with Andre Bocelli.

Beyond music, Sidibe’s training in Qigong has brought her a sense of meaning and belonging that has carried over to her current project and newest single “Breathwork”. In “Breathwork”, she gives us a place of respite where we can sample the spirit she puts forth in every song.

Behind Sidibe’s gentle demeanor and vibrant aura, there is a complex woman who describes the perseverance required to navigate her journey as an independent artist. ”In Senegal, people traditionally address you by your family name. Sidibe definitely captures the stronger side of my personality," she explains. “I am so inspired by the beauty and strength in African culture. As an artist, that strength and resilience has kept me on my path even when I was tempted to wander."

To steal a few lines from “Ready Enough,” another forthcoming release, Sidibe succinctly captures the essence of her next chapter as an artist: “Everything that I’ve been looking for is waiting for a chance to be, I’m ready enough, I’m already love.”

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