From her upcoming first album, ANISE delivers a title track that satisfies both in sound and in substance. She has a talent for transforming her voice to suit any purpose and elicit whatever effect the music calls for. The instrumentation complements her perfectly with thumping bass and catchy beats that make it hard not to move while you listen.

Complete with a variety of authentic bird calls, which give the song a naturalistic and even mystical feel, the mix of percussion and ambiance makes the listener feel transported to a different time and place. You truly feel like you're been taken back to the Garden of Eden - but with a colorful twist.

ANISE's breathy, sometimes moaned lyrics deliver her message in a visceral way. And what is her message? The R&B-pop artist has stated that this song is a tribute to something she calls Divine Feminine Power. It's all about turning down hostility and instead, using healing to create a female-to-female alliance against their gender's oppression.

Numerous times in the song, ANISE poses the question, "What if he was Black?" referring to Adam, and then asking the same about Eve. In the rest of the lyrics, she goes into what she's really talking about: the trend in society to think violence and strength are the same.

Eventually, we lose the bird calls in favor of harsher tones - what sounds like a police radio - as ANISE's refrain, "I'm tired of the endless killing," comes in. But her message isn't fueled by anger or hate. Instead, it's a desire to start the world over.

She handles each soulful run with genuine passion. Her powerful harmonies add incredible depth to her most powerful phrases. The perfect punctuation of the rhythm and bass make this track danceable as it is sensuous and meaningful. By the time this track comes to its highly earned yet abrupt ending, you might find it takes a few more listens before you've bitten off enough of this apple.

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In this competitive music industry full of great music artists, Kitt Wakeley plays a major role in its success as a composer whose talents produce energetic vibes and absorb the audience at the moment.

Kitt Wakeley marked the beginning of his journey at age 16, when his first song received airplay on major market radio in his home state of Oklahoma. After which, he continued rising as a music star to become what he is today, a renowned musician with exceptional composing and performance skills. He is a pianist, composer, songwriter, and producer who is taking the world by storm with his pop music and orchestral rock.

His journey escalated when he started to incorporate a melding of various genres into one. His first solo album “Cinematic Chaos” was released under a pseudo-name “AudioKaoz” which preyed on the senses of those who enjoyed EDM and rock music. The credibility of the project led to his first opportunity to be on the Grammy ballot, along with the status as a voting member of that National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. Better known as the Grammy’s.

As he wanted to work with large, live ensembles, Kitt diverted his focus to include full orchestras and choirs to add a bigger sound with more depth, color and credibility This led to a second album, which he elected to use his real name, The album was titled “Midnight In Macedonia”. where 5 different Grammy winners participated in the project, making his album a huge success. This resulted in a second opportunity to be included on the first ballot for the Grammys and numerous awards. The Indie Music Awards recognized his project, which garnered Kitt the Best Instrumental Album, Artist of the Year, Album of the Year and Producer of the Year. In fact, he would go on to win two ISSA’s awards for Album of the Year and Best Producer, This fusion of rock, piano, EDM, and orchestra has been embraced by his fans and thus far has received millions of streams on various DSPs such as iTunes and Spotify..

The Oklahoma composer released his latest album, “Symphony of Sinners and Saints” in May 2021, which has been touted as a masterpiece by critics in rock, hard rock, orchestra and other disciplines. This is another project which blends EDM, rock, orchestra, and melodic guitar riffs, which has already exceeded the sales of the previous album, “Midnight in Macedonia”.

Kitt didn’t hold back on the production of the album. Recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, he included the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and London voices, who are known for the biggest blockbuster film scores of all time.

Not stopping with an iconic foundation for an album, he included legendary Joe Satriani on guitars, along with the great Andy Timmons and drummer, Kenny Aronoff. Kenny being known for playing drums on projects which equates to over 300 million albums sold. While Joe Satriani has become the all time best selling guitarist in history.

The album also includes conductor Cliff Masterson ( Little Mix, Kylie Minogue Il Divo, Oasis), Ryan Miller on bass guitar, additional drums by Brent Berry, ancillary guitars by Neal Taylor (Tears for Fears and Tina Turner) and additional guitar tracks by Paige Harwell and Daniel Uribe (Mana, Nicky Jam & Camilio). Rounding out the all-star production was Tre Nagella, a three time Grammy winning producer and mixing engineer.

The new album’s first single “Conflicted” debuted at number one on the Billboard Hard Rock Charts, as well as No. 6 on Billboard’s Rock Sales charts. The success continued as the next two singles, “Forgive Me” and “Sinners and Saints'' hit number one on the Billboard Hard Rock charts. This served as momentum for the album Symphony of Sinners and Saints to hit number one on the Billboard Classical Charts and Classical Crossover Charts. In all, the album hit 11 different Billboard charts during its first week’s release.

Packing venues was becoming a trend and momentum was building to a Carnegie Hall debut in March 2020, but unfortunately COVID ended the opportunities and performances came to a devastating hault. However, shows have resumed in May 2021 as he performed in front of a sold out audience at the Oklahoma City Civic Center and his next appearance at the famed Carnegie Hall will be on October 11th, 2021.

Throughout his career, Kitt Wakeley has received several awards for his music. In 2019, the Grammy Museum held the Indie Music Awards where he won in 8 categories including, Best New Male Artist of the Year, Best Special Live Performance, Best Instrumental Producer, Artists of The Year, Best Instrumental Songwriter, and others. The awards momentum continued as he won Song of the Year at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards and two JMA (The Josies) awards in 2020 for Songwriter of the Year and Producer of the year. His award receiving list is quite long, indicating acceptance by the fans and peers, but more recently, he was inducted to the Indie Music Hall of Fame in September 2021, along with Album of The Year for Symphony of Sinners and Saints.

The journey of Wakeley is a source of inspiration for his fans. His persistent efforts in his work, his devotion towards music, an urge to create better music in the future has taken him so far, and undoubtedly he has a long way ahead. He exudes what it is to be a true artist. You can stream his songs on Youtube, and also follow him on other social media apps, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to remain updated about his new tracks.

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Spread Love by Seyi Shay.

The Nigerian Singer, writer, and Actress Deborah Oluwaseyi Joshua sang with the soul and spoke to the world while giving an everlasting gift of love to Ng Foundation Inc.

As one of Nigeria's prominent musicians endorsed by Pepsi, Seyi Shay leads the free voice for females, in general, all the way from Africa. She was born and raised in Tottenham, London, England, to Nigerian parents. She grew up in a Christian home and, at 6yrs old, joined her secondary school choir, and She performed for the London Community Gospel Choir during their world tour, which included 13 cities in Japan.

In her heartfelt explosion, The three-time Konami's Soundtrack producer for the video game Crime Life: Gang Wars (2005) and The Headies Awards winner for Best R&B Single (Gimme Love) encouraged her listeners to give unconditionally because that is true love. She speaks unity and peace for a better world.

Listen to Spread Love on Spotify.

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As is the case with most of today’s music, the slick production of Ryah’s new single “Doing”-- produced by Grammy-nominated producer @KPDitIt-- is both intricate and formulaic, rich and stimulating. In an age where autotune is King, many artists rely on a dazzling beat to distract the world from subpar lyrics, vocals-- often both-- or delivery. In Ryah’s case, however, she is not a subpar artist hiding inside layers of smoke and mirrors post-production. Ryah emerges with a sound that is familiar-- reminiscent of Chloe X Halle and Elle Mai, her airily seductive vocals slink hypnotically over the instrumental as if melting into it.

The accompanying music video aesthetic is cutely quirky, incorporating dance set ups with background dancers to give a cool throwback vibe. Reminiscent of a bridal party girly-ing in a dressing room or a lingerie slumber party romp that could remind some viewers of Ariana Grande if she merged with Rihanna during her S&M era, the video ends with her decked in lace at the window as her lover pulls into the driveway. Confident on camera, Ryah shows the potential of a promising entertainer.

The message of the song is clear-- a young woman wants more security on "what we doin'" in a relationship that was presumably casual and amiable, yet lacked clarity. A seductive call to accountability, she croons to remind her lover he should make clear his intention and their status as he knows she is apparently a rare catch, ready to devote herself with "all [her] love." An admirable effort overall for an independent artist, and a catchy song that made it a pleasure to submit this R&B Music Review.


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ZayTheGOAT, Littlejohn4k, Hotboy Shaq & Tianis Rose - Where I Come From (Mongoose) [Official Video]

September 9, 2021 – Charlotte, NC – Today, Daud ‘King’ Carter’s Social Currency Enterprises shares Full House, a set of electrifying and innovative rap from the label’s boundary-pushing roster. Recorded at EMPIRE Studios in San Francisco, Full House features Social Currency’s ZayTheGOAT, Hotboy Shaq, Littlejohn4k, and Tianis Rose, as well as a host of impressive guests, including Rich Homie Quan, Toosii, Yung Bleu, and more.

Full House includes moving singles like Hotboy Shaq’s “Ain’t Been the Same,” a melodic cut that features Atlanta mainstay Quan. Built around a minimal beat and Shaq’s mournful vocals, it’s the sort of emotional song that’s made to resonate. And it already has. The video, which was released on September 6, has already racked up over 100,000 views on YouTube.

Hotboy Shaq & Rich Homie Quan - Ain't Been The Same (Official Video)

The label also recently revealed the video for “Stressing” from Littlejohn4k and FastCash CMoney, a similarly introspective ballad about the toll of life’s twists and turns. And then there’s the passionate posse cut featuring all four of the label’s rappers, “Where I Come From.” Across the compilation, Social Currency’s artists demonstrate mastery over a variety of moods. With a range of styles at their disposal, Hotboy Shaq, Littlejohn4k, Tianis Rose, and ZayTheGOAT show why they caught Carter’s eye, and why there’s sure to be way more eyes on them soon.

Littlejohn4k & FastCash CMoney - Stressing

The stunning guest spots that pop up throughout the project—including magnetic verses by Toosii, FastCash Jizzle, Yung Bleu, and more—put Social Currency’s masterful curation on full display. Full House demonstrates the power and potential of the label’s artists, showing how they are working to push the genre forward in inventive ways while proving that they can hold their own with some of the hottest MCs outside of their immediate circle.

Social Currency was founded by Daud “King” Carter, the industry veteran who took off thanks to his work managing DaBaby and co-founding the influential, Charlotte-based label South Coast Music Group. With an exclusive distribution deal through EMPIRE and a powerful roster, Social Currency is a label of soon-to-be stars. Full House shows just how bright they can shine.

Listen to Full House Compilation:

Hoyboy Shaq



Tianis Rose

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An R & B review for this week wouldn't be complete without mentioning Gigi Vega and her latest song "Down Crazy" that's been capturing attention for weeks because of its club sound and summertime essence.

Since the 21-year-old singer with a stunning rich, sultry voice released a video version of the song on YouTube on August 2, the video has notably received more than five million views. The song is about Gigi dealing with a "clingy ex-boyfriend, Josh" who wants to get back together with her while at a desert oasis and summer pool party and her response to his desire. The song also promotes a "super fun vibe" just right for summer pool time.

The lyrics in the video show how Gigi plays with Josh, pretending he has a chance, only for her to push him away into the water at the end.

"Down Crazy" offers a beat and easy-to-follow chorus of "Down, down crazy, Down down, go crazy" and "I go, I go, I go, I go" that people will find themselves humming and singing along to while they're listening in their car, at home or during their own pool parties. The simple-yet-dynamic beat has the potential to effortlessly become a club favorite, especially if remixed to enhance the synth elements and incorporate additional sounds. It could also easily become a favorite of nightcore fans with a remix.

"Down Crazy" is a must listen to for the beat and synth elements, and of course for Gigi's amazing voice. It has the makings of a popular club remix or release a straight chart topper.


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Drake’s newest album, Certified Lover Boy (CLB), has been released with record numbers. The latest addition to the musician’s discography debuted at the top ofBillboard’s Top 200 and is expected to generate over 743.7 million streams in the US alone. This is set to be the biggest album release in over a year, a title currently being held by Taylor Swift’s Folklore.

These numbers prove that the album rollout was a huge win for Nike as the brand released a collaboration with Drake as a way to promote his album. This comes after the celebrated Drake x Jumpman deal in 2013, which sparked controversy between Drake and Kanye West. The CLB merch was released last year, right after the singer mentioned that he would be releasing the album, and the products sold out fast. With so much hype surrounding Drake and fans supporting Nike, the line was hugely successful.

The brand has since decided to re-release the CLB collection as a way to continue promoting the album. It is important to note though that not all the items that Nike previously debuted with the line will be back in production. Though some pieces will be missing, the brand will add new products to the collection. The drop is gaining a lot of attention right now due to the success of the album, with Nike expecting the media circus to shine even more light on the apparel drop .

This news also comes in the wake of Drake beating Kanye to the top spot in the charts. Kanye, who has a partnership with Adidas, has been at odds with Drake for a while after they had heated exchanges on social media as well as in their songs. The animosity between both musicians is also expected to increase the rivalry between Nike and Adidas, a brand that Kanye now works with.

Brands partnering with artists have become more common in recent years, and it's mutually beneficial. The brands get the celebrity names and the celebrities get quality products as merch. For one, Reebok has teamed with Teyana Taylor and now has her as a brand ambassador for their merchandise while Tyler The Creator has a high profile collaboration with Converse.

These types of partnerships have continued to grow as social media becomes a driving force behind marketing products to the consumer market. And the re-release of the Certified Lover Boy collection shows how these partnerships benefit both brand and artist.

If you are looking for a way to support your favorite artist, or just represent your appreciation for them, you can swing by the physical store or online shop to grab pieces from the collection. Although there is no specific date yet for the re-launch of the collection, it is expected to come out soon to coincide with the debut of Certified Lover Boy.

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Relationships aren't always butterflies and rainbows. Just as we fall in love, we can also fall out of love. What seems to be a strong foundation can still end up as a pile of rubble. Many try to maintain a veneer of perfection even if they are crumbling on the inside. These thoughts were swirling through the head of artist Harmony Devoe during the pandemic, allowing her to write her new single "When U Fall Outta Luv."

Devoe is a native of Detroit where she developed her love for music and polished her skills as a classical pianist. She calls her brand of R&B as "Floecticizm." This is characterized by passionate lyrics, creative metaphors, and uniquely luscious melodies. Her gift for words give her songs greater depth of emotions than many would dare to go. That is certainly evident with this recent single that should hit close to home for countless couples.

The song is a collaboration with artist JaKeith, produced by JetBlakBrown. This is an exploration of domestic life as it descends from bliss to bleak. Nearly every relationship starts out with fireworks and promises. That is why people choose to get married and cohabitate in the first place. However, years of friction, frustrations, disappointments, and misunderstandings erode the love until there is nothing left. Being home together during the pandemic should be a blessing with more quality time but it could prove to be a curse for those who are suffering in broken relationships.

If you are dealing with a similar situation, then the song may be a cathartic experience. It can help you reflect about your current predicament. While it won't offer answers, it can make you feel less alone in your journey. Harmony Devoe's silky voice and effortless delivery makes it a soothing bop despite the heavy subject.

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Click the Link to download Harmony's new music & music catalog

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Love is in the airwaves with Courtney Rhodes' new EP "Infatuated". The five tracks talk about the torrent of emotions that come with the first spark in different points of view: "Are You Ready", "What Do You Want to Do", "Infatuated", "Let's Ride", and "So High". She takes listeners to the highs, the lows, and everything in between. The result is a promising body of work from an up-and-coming independent artist.

Rhodes plays the viola, piano, and guitar -- a testament to her love for music. She is even taking a degree in Music Management to learn more about the business and get a good foundation for a long career. She was born in Houston, Texas but moved to Atlanta when she was 5 years old. Her father was a professional bass player and keyboardist who loved gospel music. Even her mom and her sister were in a band. She herself joined an orchestra to be different.

All of the songs in the EP have her own personal touch. She has been writing songs since she was 12 so she has a lot of materials to work with. Her personal preference is to make tunes that make people feel good after a long day. In this regard, she is largely successful with the smooth R&B jams she produced. The chill vibe make them the perfect everyday companions on the road.

"Are You Ready" has a great acoustic track while "What Do You Want to Do" is a dynamic back-and-forth with a solid beat. "Infatuated" is a moody piece that tells it like it is, "Let's Ride" invites you to switch it up on new a journey, and "So High" talks about that initial thrill of a love affair. Pick a song you like or listen to all of them when you want slow and soft jams.

Streaming Links:

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