Kyon Ball releases new R&B single “Sweet Love”

Singer/songwriter Kyon Ball

The 23 year old up and coming R&B artist, Johnny “Kyon” Ball has just released his latest single “Sweet Love”. The single “Sweet Love” is a 90’s R&B inspired song and it sets a delightfully nostalgic mood for listeners, particularly the old school R&B fans.

The artist, Kyon Ball, originally hails from Columbia, South Carolina. He relocated to Los Angeles to seriously pursue his music career. Kyon’s style of R&B includes heartfelt lyrics combined with a slightly dark ambience. He has a unique sound.

Kyon has been playing music since the age of seven when he learned to play drums for his church. This artist is a multi-talented performer who learned to play a range of musical instruments growing up including piano, guitar and ukulele. By the time he was eighteen, Kyon was already producing and engineering his own music. It was around this time that he decided to get serious about his musical career.

Kyon Ball at work in the studio on guitar - Instagram

He was inspired to become an R&B vocalist after watching performances of artists such as Tory Lanez, Summer Walker, Bryson Tiller, Giveon, Chris Brown, H.E.R, Tank, and Lucky Daye. These early influences inspired him to follow his musical dreams.

“Sweet Love” album artwork

Kyon Ball also manages, produces and engineers for other artists in his local area. He really enjoys working across these elements in the music business.

Kyon Ball wrote the lyrics to “Sweet Love” as well as performing the single. From the opening bars of “Sweet Love”, the listener is transported back in time. “Sweet Love” was produced by Ice_Cold in successful collaboration with the artist. Great choices were made in instrumental backing and the chilled piano opening and segue into the vocals will keep the listener hypnotized until the final bars.

Newest R&B kid on the block - Kyon Ball (courtesy Instagram)

The song is essentially a romantic ballad and the artist’s messaging is always positive. “Sweet Love” is the song you play to get your girl back.

“Sweet Love” is out now and streaming across all the usual platforms. Add this tune to your playlist if you love old school R&B romantic ballads

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Joy Orleans releases new single “Starlight”

Sultry New Orleans-native, Joy Orleans (born Joycelyn Owens) has just released her latest single, “Starlight” on YouTube which since its May 8 release and at the time of writing has already received almost 7,000 views.

The upcoming R&B artist released her debut EP, “Just Like That” in 2016 which was well received in the New Orleans R&B music scene with its expert blend of classic Southern Soul, modern gospel, and pop smarts.

On stage, Joy Orleans has provided backing vocals to the boogie and funk legend Dr.John. She has also toured as the resident featured backup vocalist with NOLA soul-blues legend Walter "Wolfman" Washington and his Roadmasters. She has performed at the iconic New Orleans House of Blues and the legendary and uncompromising Maple Leaf Bar.

Joy’s gospel roots come from growing up singing in the “Faithful Stars of Joy”, directed by her father, the Rev. Herbert Owens. She has also covered a lot of popular R&B hits including Sheena Easton's hit "For Your Eyes Only" or Ruth Brown's R&B classic “5-10-15 Hours.” This last performance so transfixed the discerning NOLA Jazz Fest audiences that she was included in their official 2016 Festival compilation. Her musical influences include Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston. The artist is driven to deliver her art by combining her pop professionalism with spiritual fervor.

In her recent interview with HipHop magazine, Joy explained that she uses her music to bring positivity to the world and she encourages her listening audience to never give up on their creative dreams - particularly other women and other up and coming struggling artists.

Joy Orleans is now destined to launch her solo career in earnest. Her first single "Miracle of Love" is currently making the rounds, written and produced by Grammy and Oscar-winning musician Donald Markowitz (best known for the Bill Medley/Jennifer Warnes smash "I've Had the Time of My Life" from the film "Dirty Dancing").

Joy Orleans is a musician, an entrepreneur and an influencer in her community. She also is passionate about her work as a professional re-enactor and community advocate. In November 2019, Joy and her daughter proudly participated in a two-day renactment of the 1811 Slave Rebellion in her hometown of New Orleans (in November 2019).

It’s no surprise that the passionate singer/songwriter Joy Orleans has almost 25,000 followers on Instagram and over 5,000 followers on Facebook for not only her musical talent but also her community advocacy. She was awarded the Celebration of Women’s Community Advocacy Award in 2017 which recognized her work in the community as well as her considerable musical talent. This is 50 Social also featured her work in their recent article.

The music video for “Starlight” was beautifully shot in the desert against a backdrop of Joshua trees - which are also referenced in the song’s lyrics. “Starlight” was expertly filmed, edited, produced and directed by filmmaker, Julian Ciccone. The song opens with a neat guitar riff and the lyrics are fun and simply capture the theme of the song: which is about taking some time out to reflect on your life:

I try to find time to get away
Movies - blue dreams
There’s not much time to slip away
Memories run free
Of when you’d laugh with me
Blue days
Blue haze
A cloud of smoke under the Joshua tree”.

At its essence, “Starlight” is about taking some time out to have fun but it's also about reflecting upon where you might be at a given point in your life. It shows the artist’s desire for not only spiritual connection with the natural environment but also the other significant humans in her orbit.

Artwork for “Starlight”

“Starlight” is out now and streaming across all the usual platforms. Make sure to add this fun and sublime track to your playlist.

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Presenting Nezsa’s new R&B single “Trouble”

Singer/songwriter Nezsca

The Canadian-based Nigerian alternative R&B singer/songwriter Nezsa has just released her latest single “Trouble” on Friday, May 6, 2022. “Trouble” will also be included on Nezsa’s upcoming sophomore EP “To All the Heartbreakers” (coming out this summer).

The single “Trouble” tells the story of a woman seeking revenge on her ex-lover and the song showcases Nezsa’s unique sound and unconventional musical styles and introspective songwriting.

Nezsa was selected as the next “Africa Rising” artist by Apple Music on the back of the success of her earlier single “Break” which received over 100,000 downloads. That single was featured on Apple Music’s “New Music Daily” and “R&B Now”, and Spotify’s “Fresh Finds” and “Mood Ring”.

The ethereal track sees Nezsa standing up to a toxic ex-lover, and pushing back against their cheating, gaslighting and lying ways, over lush synth keys, infectious 808 drum patterns, and a glorious saxophone arrangement that perfectly punctuates the track.

When asked what inspired her to write “Trouble” Nezsa told Singersroom that:

“‘Trouble’ came to me so naturally. Gbeduboss sent me the beat and I was immediately enthralled by the heavy baseline and overall dark vibe. The story is inspired by some of my own experiences, but it’s also dedicated “To All the Heartbreakers”, just as the EP is named. It’s a very empowering song because it’s about standing up to those who’ve hurt you and reclaiming your agency, finally showing them that you’re not weak. In a way, it’s dark because it seems to celebrate revenge, but I think that functions as a therapeutic form of expression in showing myself and also my listeners the extent of our capabilities”.

Nezsa first burst onto the R&B scene in the summer of 2019 with the debut tracks “Lost” and “Like this?” which quickly attracted global listeners. Her style is an effortless fusion of alternative R&B and neo-soul.

She joined forces with the Mr Eazi-founded label service and she released her debut EP “Bitter-Sweet” last summer to rave reviews from fans and critics alike, before taking a hiatus last year to work on her sophomore EP “To All the Heartbreakers”, which arrives later this summer, and will feature the singles “Break” and “Trouble”.

R&B artist Nezsa

'Trouble' is a glorious genre-bending R&B offering that's driven by Nezsa's enchanting voice, layered harmonies, and vivid storytelling lyrics which her fans will resonate with.

“Trouble” is out now on all the usual streaming platforms. Add this one to your playlist.

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Recording artists: How to manage your music like a business

Are you trying to get your music out there, but not making much headway? Try looking at it from a business perspective. Are you doing everything you can to promote your brand, know your audience and build industry connections? Find out below.

Know your audience

When trying to get people to discover your music, think like a retailer. After all, you are trying to get audiences to see your music as goods worth investing in. And what is alpha and omega for any retail business to succeed? Market research. Know exactly who your target audience is and what their listening habits are.

For instance, make sure you know exactly how they prefer their live performances. What kind of experience do they want out of a night on the town, and how does your setup fit into this? If your audience is older, they should be able to sit down – and might also enjoy buying wine , craft beer, snacks or even dinner – while younger audiences will usually prefer cheaper beverages and being on their feet.

But while many musicians do make a big chunk of their income from shows, it’s also important to make your music available for streaming. IFPI’s industry data shows that 65% of global industry revenue currently comes from streaming – making it extra important for your music to be on platforms such as Spotify or Apple Music, so that streamers can listen when going about their daily lives.

Create a strong brand – and promote it

Besides streaming services, you should also have a strong presence on all relevant platforms. Start off with a solid website presenting your business and its mission. Your website should as a minimum make it easy for listeners to find your music on streaming services and in stores and clearly state tour dates.

Since you’re promoting an artistic product, carefully craft your visual identity and business name to fit the spirit of your music. If you’re stuck, get music business name ideas from Business Name Generator or consult a developer or graphic designer for help. Once you have your brand down pat, make sure to get on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok – or whichever social media platforms your audience uses.

Expand your network

Connecting with your listeners is, of course, extremely important – but it’s not the only professional connection you should be nurturing. Building a strong network of like-minded, inspiring industry professionals will allow you to continue growing as an artist and reach new goals. Especially if you’re in a new city to pursue your career, you should make it a point to attend industry functions and meet other artists.

Forget the notion that you’re competing against them and start thinking of them as peers to be inspired by and create exciting new collaborative projects with. Write, play and compose for each other, exchange industry tips, vent your frustrations – and open doors you couldn’t have opened without each other’s help.

Be patient and sensible about it

Lastly, you have to prepare yourself to work harder than you’ve ever worked before. Overnight success stories are far and few between, and most successful artists will have to struggle to make ends meet for many years before making it big. Be practical and save as much money as you can, limit your spending and don’t quit your day job before you’re financially stable. Of course, you shouldn’t work yourself to death, so make sure you get a break once in a while – but running a successful music business while keeping your creative spirits up takes a herculean effort.

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Markiedee Jr releases new album “Modern Day Blues”

'Modern Day Blues' from the Album 'Modern Day Blues'

Singer/songwriter Markiedee Jr - 'Modern Day Blues' album artwork

On May 6, the Queens NY-based R&B singer and performer, MarkiedeeJr has just released his latest album “Modern Day Blues”. The prolific artist dropped this album less than two months after his last music video “Treat You Right” (released in March this year).

The album trailer for “Modern Day Blues” aired on Instagram on April 29. MarkiedeeJr explains the creative process behind the album to his fans. He says the album trailer:

“is a visual representation of the journey/inspiration that took place for the making of MDB. Los Angeles opened our eyes to what’s possible for us and showed me that if we keep doing what we’re doing there is no reason what we want won’t come to fruition.”

MarkiedeeJr’s desire to create a visual narrative and his skill in doing so is, no doubt, assisted by his professional background as a photographer and video editor. He also co-owns a clothing brand which is another outlet for his creative and entrepreneurial talents.

The artist succinctly describes his musical style as “a blend between early 2000’s R&B and modern hip-hop/R&B”. When describing the creative process behind the new album “Modern Day Blues”, MarkieedeeJr explains that:

“This project brings me another step closer to being the full-fledged artist I want to be. This music is a collective of songs individually, as well as a story from start to finish of infidelity and hardships in a relationship. I want you all to pay attention to the evolution, cause the next project is… imma save that for another day 😂 Modern Day blues May 6th, enjoy”.

“Modern Day Blues” has the following 11 tracks:

“L.A. Nights”.
“Casamigos” (Friendzone)
“Bad Girl”
“She’s at the Door”
“Modern Day Blues”
“Am I Invited”
“But I love it”
“Sleep Tight”
“This is for You”

The title track from the album, “Modern Day Blues” transports the listener to a mellow listening experience and really sets the tone for the remaining 10 tracks on this album. With each song you get a sense of not only the natural versatility of the artist, but also how willing he is to experiment with musical mixing techniques, comping, fading and tempo to deliver a unique sound for his rapidly growing fan-base.

Album artwork

Each track on “Modern Day Blues” has a distinctive sound and feel and each song demonstrates the skill not only of the singer/songwriter but the excellent production team behind the artist including the following:

Elavy X Dionso.
Everett Saint
Ish X
AJ Sounds

“Modern Day Blues” is an appropriate anthem for young millennials trying to find their way in life and it suggests ways of relating to their friends and lovers. MarkiedeeJr shows his level of empathy and insight for those of his generation and the challenges they face as they negotiate life and love in a complicated world.

The sublime tracks “Sleep Tight” and “This is for You” effectively demonstrate the artist’s vulnerable, romantic side as well as his impressive vocal range with an imaginative mixing technique and choice of backing instruments.

The full album “Modern Day Blues” is out now on all the usual streaming platforms. Add this one to your playlist.

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Destiny Briona drops new single “Like Nothing”

Album artwork

R&B singer/songwriter Destiny Briona has released her latest single “Like Nothing” on Friday, May 13, 2022.

The single “Like Nothing” was written as a final love letter that feels bittersweet. The song represents the “right person, wrong time” as it tells the story of two people trying to connect despite personal obstacles. Both people need time to grow and learn to love each other in an authentic way.

The song opens with a slow and catchy guitar riff and the repeated sequence of guitar chords underscores the song creating a contemplative platform for the story to be told.

Album artwork for “Like Nothing”

“Like Nothing” is Destiny Briona’s sixth single to be released. She has been recording tracks since 2018 and her most recently uploaded single (from May 2020), “Ten Shots” which received over 15,000 views. This is an artist where you can clearly see her evolution as a songwriter and musician by reviewing her earlier works:

Ten Shots (May 2020)
Off the Radar (Sabotage) (July 2019)
No. 5 (May 2019)
Pinocchio (Feb 2019)
Legend (June 2018).

This talented new artist is clearly on an upwards trajectory and is forging her own personal brand in the R&B and hip-hop space.

Destiny Briona in the recording studio - courtesy Instagram

In “Like Nothing”, Destiny Briona sings:

“Knowing what I do to you.
But if you wait for me.
It sure won't be the same
If you stay with me
I’m just trying to say, I’m not ready
And, believe me, I understand
That’s its crazy
But I was hoping
We could just - pick up where we left off

Like nothing happened - happened”

The artist explains that the song is a final proposal to a former lover to return “when the time is right or leave things how they are forever.”

New R&B talent Destiny Briona

Destiny Briona’s new single “Like Nothing” is out now and streaming across all the usual platforms. Add it to your R&B playlists.

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Orlando Rocco Music releases new single “Way You See Me” featuring Justis Chanell

Album artwork “Way You See Me”

R&B music production powerhouse Orlando Rocco Music is releasing a new single “Way You See Me” featuring the talented performer Justis Chanell on May 13, 2022.

Orlando Rocco Music was featured on Singersroom in August 2020 when they released the single “Summertime” featuring Dria and Jumpman.

“Way You See Me” is about being lucky enough to have a person who really sees you in an authentic way and not just on a surface level:

“Someone who matches your fly. Considers you and your feelings and wants nothing but the best for you. Doesn’t want you to go out of your way or be someone different. Doesn’t make you wonder, but rather tells you whatever it is you need to know. That’s what this song embodies. Celebrating special people everywhere who love someone special to them. And most importantly, sees them for everything they are.”

R&B artist Justis Chanell

Justis’ smooth vocals work nicely with the cool tempo and neatly mixed musical arrangement. She tells the story of past loves and life lessons:

“I used to fall apart
I was a real big mess
Used to give my heart
To whoever wanted it”

Orlando Rocco Music productions continues to superbly deliver outstanding upcoming R&B talent and he is rapidly proving he is a game-changing influencer in a highly saturated competitive music market.

R&B artist Justis Chanell

“Way You See Me” is out now on all usual streaming platforms and is a must-add for your R&B playlists.

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Toy Taha releases new single “Suite EFX”

Toy Taha is an American singer-songwriter and arranger from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and she has just released her new single “Suite EFX” from her debut extended play, “Eight”.

Suite EFX album artwork

Taha’s major singing and songwriting musical influences include Michael & Janet Jackson, Prince, Teena Marie, Amel Larrieux, Beyoncé, Aretha Franklin, Jill Scott, Me’Shell Ndegeocello and others. Taha is a naturally gifted singer/songwriter and stage performer. She has commented that performing on stage “gives me life” and energizes her.

Taha showcases her unique songwriting ability and storytelling with her emotive vocals and meaningful lyrics which focus on the themes of nostalgia, empowerment, sexuality and declarations of love.

The single “Suite EFX” opens with a sublime, smooth musical arrangement and tempo reminiscent of R&B hits from the 1970s. Her vocals and lyrics draw in the listener:

Screenshot from Suite EFX Official Lyric Video

“I can build a fire
But it's better when you’re around
Passionate desire
We should paint this room right now

This upcoming R&B artist is guaranteed to make a splash in her chosen genres of R&B, midnight soul and quiet storm. She will be one to watch in the next few years.

“Suite EFX” was written and arranged by Toy Taha and produced by Grammy-Award winning producer Dreamlife (NAS, Summer Walker, Ari Lennox, Snoop).

Toy Toha’s new single “Suite EFX” is out now on all the usual streaming platforms. Add it to your playlist.

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Kota the Friend Going Up With Latest Single Release

Brooklyn recording artist Kota the Friend rises high above hate, as evidenced by rousing new single, Up, which is an ode for everyone who is on their way up.

The newest drop from forthcoming album Memo, Up speaks directly to Kota’s priorities as a father, friend, family man and entrepreneur. Vivid lyricism reinforces the importance of sharing success with a close-knit inner circle, while persevering through external obstacle and hate.

Kota uses a powerful bridge, which is driven forward by rapid bass to link powerful verses to the uplifting chorus: “Foes gon’ hate, that’s a fact/Hoes gon’ ho, that’s a trap/Folk gon’ show where it’s at/Love don’t change over checks/Friends don’t switch for bitch/Real ones get my respect/Real ones know that I don’t miss.” To this end, this hook segment functions to transition the specific language of each verse to more universal truths. Living with honor is reliant on the truth that money, wealth, and success should never destroy meaningful relationships.

Kota’s luscious vocal performance is accentuated by dynamic instrumentation. Particularly, An uplifting organ melody, and hard-hitting drums guide his potent bars to new heights. Tied together by a memorable hook, Up has all the elements one would expect from hip-hop’s premier independent force.

A week ago, Kota performed a snippet of the track to a sold-out crowd at Metro Chicago’s Flight Night. Of course, the crowd latched on to the track immediately. The voices of 1,200 fltbys fans joining Kota’s on the hook resonated throughout the venue. “We goin’ up, up/They be goin’ low, we goin’ up, up”. Moreover, as graduation season approaches, look for recent grads to latch on to the track. The themes of perseverance, loyalty, and determination are sure to resonate.

In Summary, if Up is any indication of what to expect from Memo, fans of real hip will be in for a treat this summer.

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Cedric Brazle releases new single “Product of Love”

The Florida native, Cedric Brazle is a rising, independent R&B artist released his latest single, “Product of Love” on April 27th working in partnership with Emperium Entertainment. The official music video was released on YouTube on May 4th.

Brazle is a hybrid, multi-talented entertainer and songwriter. He feels his music is an expression and testimony to his personal experiences overcoming emotional trauma and defining himself as a male in today’s society.

The new single “Product of Love” is from his upcoming EP which is expected to drop Summer 2022. “Product of Love” was produced by stevexcooper. Cedric wrote this song as a sort of deep dive and analysis of past childhood traumas and the effect of the absence of parental love on his relationships today as an adult.

Brazle deliberately timed the release of this song to coincide with Mental Health Awareness month which is usually a time of reflection. The lyrics in “Product of Love” are about authenticity and genuineness and how important these values are for a satisfying human connection:

“To be honest
Loving me could come with a consequence
And in the end
Will you love me through all the real shit?
Cause there’s a lot of it
I ain’t been in love in a long time
I ain’t good at love, what can I say?
E’rybody on one sometimes
Already know I’ll make mistakes
I tried so many times and I, I just don’t like it
Won’t be the story of my life, help me rewrite it”

The music video was directed by Greatezt and it shows Cedric’s personal struggles in this story about his relationship. The story is told from the point of view of the artist’s girlfriend as she witnesses Cedric battling his past trauma and looking for ways to move beyond this. The music video is also full of powerful symbolism that underpins the storyline.

R&B artist Cedric Brazle

“Product of Love” is out now and streaming on all the usual platforms.

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