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Jack Harlow Finally Unleashes Viral "Lovin On Me" Track And Video

Jack Harlow has returned with “Lovin On Me” and an accompanying video. The simple Aidan Cullen-directed visuals dropped on Friday (Nov. 10) and featured an array of Harlow’s friends. Against multicolored backgrounds, Harlow can be seen dancing with a puppy in multiple outfits. 


Harlow spoke of the clip before the video was released. He called the track a beginning to his “new era.” He also touted a continued musical shift after the release of this single. 


“Thank u for allowing me to reset this year,” he captioned an Instagram post. “I moved back to Kentucky and gave u an album I could not have made on the road. Surrounded by family & childhood friends, this has been one of the happiest years of my life. But now…a new era begins. ‘Lovin On Me’ at midnight EST.”


The Kentucky native does appear to be in a happy place in the visuals. He plays off of his friend’s energy as they goof around and vibe to the music. As for the single itself, “Lovin On Me” features a sample from Dale’s “Whatever,” according to Genius.com. Jack borrows the chorus and repurposes it for his song. His verses find the rapper making flirtatious advances toward a potential lover.




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“Young J-A-C-K, AKA Rico, like Suave, Young Enrique/Speakin’ of AKA, she’s an alpha/But not around your boy, she get quiet ’round your boy, hold on,” he raps. “Don’t know what you heard or what you thought about your boy/But they lied about your boy, goin’ dumb and it’s some’ idiotic about your boy/She wearin’ cheetah print, that’s how bad she wanna b? spotted ’round your boy.” “Lovin On Me” was first teased back in October on Jack’s social media. The artist began uploading videos to his TikTok, playing with and walking his dog, using the song. Dressed in New Balance jogger suits, Harlow could be seen rapping along to the chorus before abruptly ending the track. Watch the “Lovin On Me” video above.


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