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Chlöe Says Infidelity Has Nothing To Do With Looks: "It's Not A 'You' Thing, It's A 'Them' Thing"

Chlöe is getting real about how art imitates life on her “Cheatback” record. The 25-year-old recently appeared on The Zach Sang Show where she revealed that the song was inspired by her own experiences of being cheated on.

“I got cheated on, I had COVID, I was all in my head, in my feelings,” explained the Praise This actress. “That’s why I was like, ‘I was never good enough for you/ You said you didn’t believe in monogamy,’ all that stuff… ’I’m bored [at] my place, I’m gonna cut this.’”

Chlöe confessed to having been cheated on “a couple times,” but noted, “You know, I feel like no matter how much of a bad b**ch you are, sometimes n***as will cheat.”


She continued, “It’s not a ‘you’ thing, it’s a ‘them’ thing. Anytime I find out somebody cheats, I move on. They don’t believe me. I’ll tell them in the beginning, I’m like ‘You know, we aren’t perfect humans, but you cheat on me? I’m out.’ And they don’t believe me until their number is blocked.” The Grown-ish alum later detailed how she discovered she was being cheated on. “God, Instagram, life, them not putting away evidence, panties, hair ties, a lash extension on the shower floor that’s not mine, and I haven’t been wearing lashes for a while,” Chlöe quipped.


When speaking with VIBE about “Cheatback” and the lesson she learned in dealing with the heartbreak and betrayal, the In Pieces singer shared, “You got to love yourself first before you can be open to receiving it from others… I can’t expect another human being to love me when I haven’t fully conquered that and sometimes I hesitate.”


She continued, “I’m a pretty insecure person to be honest with you. That shocks people for some reason because from the outside it seems as if I have it all together, it seems that I’m so confident because of how I perceive myself on stage and how I’m comfortable with my body and my curves, but in actuality, I’m so in my head. I’m learning to love being alone.”


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