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Coi Leray Says Father Is "Envious" Of Her Success, Benzino Claps Back

Benzino responded to Coi Leray saying he is “envious” of her success. Angie Martinez interviewed Coi for a recent episode of her Angie Martinez IRL Podcast. Angie asked the New Jersey native about her relationship with her dad and how he has received her success. Leray was transparent about her father and stated that there was some envy early in her career. She explained that it was because her father “still has a story to tell” and he wants to “say something.” 

“At first it was rocky, because I felt like he couldn’t handle my success,” the “Players” artist expressed. “I felt like it did come from an envious place, which is okay, cause he’s human, and it’s fine. He’s one of those people that feels like, ‘Yo, I still have a story to tell.'”


Zino responded to the interview twice on social media. On Saturday (Nov. 11), the former rapper shared a clip from the interview and added a lengthy caption, and the 58-year-old didn’t hold back. 


“This has to be the most ridiculous [poop emoji] I’ve heard in my entire life on this earth,” he began typing. “How tf can [I] be envious towards someone I RAISED, NUTURED, PROVIDED FOR, INFLUENCED AND LOVE VERY DEARLY??? This industry and the internet have completely messed up the minds of this young generation. I’m tired of her pushing a false narrative about who I am and what I’ve done as a father.” He then took aim at Angie Martinez and claimed that she was using the moment to be “manipulative and messy.” “In my 40 years in Hip-Hop I’ve never ever seen an artist DOG their parents out the way Coi does and it’s embarrassing and sad… and one last thing, @angiemartinez knows she doesn’t like me so she’s just being manipulative and messy. They want me crash out but I’ve worked on myself so hard that I ain’t going backwards for ANYTHING, but what I won’t do is allow ANYONE to slander my name and push a false narrative on my reputation and who I am.”


He followed up with two more Instagram posts. Both posts were created in his notepad app and took two different approaches. The first post blasted the “bad dad” narrative and asserted that he was in Coi’s life since she was born. A second subsequent post seemingly detailed his relationship with his daughter as “beyond repair.” He gave the situation up to God and explained that was good enough. Coi Leray has yet to respond to her father’s IG comments. Watch the interview above.


Coi Leray has yet to respond to her father’s IG comments. Watch the interview above.


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