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Drake's "American Slaves" Lyric On "Slime You Out" Causes Backlash

Drake and SZA surprised the world last week when they announced their first-ever collaboration “Slime You Out.” While the track’s release came with much excitement, a specific 6 God line now has him facing backlash.

In “Slime You Out,” the two superstars croon about their lovers who have done them wrong and have them feeling spiteful. In the 36-year-old artist’s first verse he sings, “Whipped and chained you like American slaves,” in reference to buying cars and jewelry for a woman he was involved with. This quickly became the overwhelming topic of discussion.


“‘Whipped and chained you like American slaves..’ nobody in the studio told Drake that line was awful??” one user wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, accompanied by the popular meme of a man taking off his headphones. Another user quoted the line, tagged the Toronto rapper on X, and posted a cartoon meme of a woman covering another woman’s mouth with the caption “Bi**h learn to shut up.”












Another user questioned how SZA could hear that line and agree to join the record. “SZA heard Drake say ‘Whipped and chained you like American slaves’ and said ‘Yeah, I need to get on that!'” they wrote, accompanied by a video of a woman saying “You’re an idiot, you’re a clown, and you’re a loser. How dare you?”

Frazier Tharpe, Senior Entertainment Editor at GQ, acknowledged that Drake tends to be hypercriticized generally, but in this instance, it’s warranted. He was especially baffled at the fact the father of one specifically stated “American” slaves in the line. As of now, neither artist has made a statement about reactions to their record. “Slime You Out” came out just one week before Drake’s forthcoming album For All The Dogs was supposed to be released. Early Saturday morning (Sept. 16) he shared a flyer to his Instagram story announcing that the album was being pushed back from Sept. 22 to Oct. 6.



“Okay my dilemma I am faced with is I either cancel shows to finish the album or I complete the mission and drop the album before the last show,” he wrote. “I owe you all these memories we are building and anywhere we have missed to date we will be spinning back for sure.” He closed the message announcing the album’s new date and saying “It’s only right…” Check out the announcement and listen to “Slime You Out” above.


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