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Kandi Burruss Talks LaTocha Scott's Claims Of Jealously Over Singing Lead In Xscape

It’s no little secret that Xscape has a slew of internal issues, with their complex group dynamic most recently being displayed on their new show, SWV & Xscape: Queens Of R&B.


On the latest episode titled “Pray On It,” Kandi Burruss revealed that she feels Scott isn’t the sole instigator, but also blames the latter’s husband, Rocky Bivens, citing favoritism. Burruss even went as far as to call him Scott’s “brain.”


For the Motown Gospel signee, though, she believes Kandi was jealous of her success and is the reason why her solo album from 1998 was shelved.


“I know back in the day, in 1998, I said I wanted to do a solo project. I think everybody was happy for me, except for Kandi. She was just like, ‘You’re not coming back,'” said Scott, 49. “For some reason, my project got shelved and then within that same timeframe, Kandi got signed and her album came out. It was a little odd, the timing of it all.”




Burruss didn’t take too kindly to the shade and later tweeted, “God’s favor ain’t fair! How did my album have anything to do with her album not coming out?…. I was on Columbia records & she was on SosoDef. Please ask Jermaine why your album didn’t come out & stop blaming me.” The Grammy-winning songwriter further addressed LaTocha’s accusations on her YouTube series, Speak On It, where she spoke to her group mate’s claim that she was jealous of Scott singing lead. According to Burruss, she herself sung lead on the majority of Xscape’s early songs, so the idea of being jealous of Scott makes no sense.

“We got a lot a drama y’all… I’m sorry but I’m tired of the narrative being pushed that I was jealous of her,” Burruss wrote within The Shade Room comment section of the clip. “So I had to say how I feel. She has a beautiful voice & I am not saying I sing better at all. What I am saying is that my voice is distinctive & I hold my own & I was not jealous of her. So stop it! We went into our third album knowing she was goin solo so yes I had a lot to say about it because our sh*t was falling apart. 30yrs later we still goin through the same sh*t. We’re a mess! ??‍??? That was a lot but f**k it.”



The Real Housewives of Atlanta star later added that she believed Scott was using this as a means to deflect from the strife between herself and her sister, Tamika. “She had a whole situation going on in the family but was really trying to make me the focus of the problem once again,” Burruss wrote. In the series premiere, Tamika accused Scott and Bivens of stealing $30,000 worth of royalties, which led to an explosive argument with their mother, Gloria, siding with Scott.

One fan did point out the silver lining, as Burruss can no longer be considered the “problem child.” SWV & Xscape: Queens Of R&B airs Sundays on Bravo at 9:30 p.m. ET and streams the following day on Peacock. Watch the full second episode above.

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