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Eddie Murphy Recalls Being Snowed In For Two Weeks With Rick James

During Eddie Murphy’s recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the You People star reflected on his iconic friendship — and that one time he got snowed in — with Rick James.


“I went up there to record ‘Party All The Time,’” Murphy, 61, explained. “It was maybe the most fun I ever had. I was supposed to go for one weekend, and we got snowed in Buffalo—sometimes it has five feet of snow—and I was stuck in Rick James’ house for two weeks, and it was one of my fondest memories.”


After Kimmel commented on James’ drug abuse, asking, “Are you sure it was snow outside?” Murphy replied, “He never did that around me. Usually, people who do that don’t do it around people who don’t. It’s not like weed.”


Murphy’s 1985 chart-topping hit single was featured on his debut album, How Could It Be. The record was produced by the late artist and he also provided the background vocals. The father of 10, however, is returning to music with his upcoming stand-up performance—his first in 30 years.


“But my show won’t just be a stand-up show; my show will be music and stand-up,” the Cecil B. DeMille recipient explained to Complex. “Because I can’t just get on the stage and just do jokes because I have all this other stuff now. I’m thinking about how to put together a live show that has everything.”


TMZ reported that the comedy special will stream on Netflix and the deal was worth upwards of $70 million.


Comedy special aside, Murphy is working on a remake for Beverly Hills Cop and two other projects. Once his acting obligations are fulfilled, he plans to “get some new material in” for the stand-up show.

Watch his full Kimmel appearance below.



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