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Critics call for the cancellation of Beyoncé after this controversial live performance

Beyonce Recently, fans around the world spoke when she interpreted her first live concert in more than four years. But while some members of the Beyhive sought all the images they could find of the event on social networks, others were furious that the show even produced in the first place. Beyonce's performance took place in Dubai, the largest city of the United Arab Emirates, and it would have been very paid. The greatest criticisms of this recent live appearance even call for the cancellation of the beloved singer, because they believe that her Dubai concert harms members of the LGBTQIA +community. Read the rest to know why the location she has chosen for a rare concert is so controversial and to see how her father, Matthew Knowles , responded.


On January 21, Beyoncé played a one hour concert at the opening of the luxury hotel, Atlantis Le Royal. According to the BBC, the event only invites had a policy of non-telephones , but it was clearly broken by many, because the event videos struck the internet.


Beyoncé received a large sum for performance, which was her first full set since the end of 2018. Forbes report that It was paid $ 24 million For the concert.


Homosexuality is illegal in the United Arab Emirates. According to Human Diginity Trust, Under the Water Act , the prison sentence can be imposed on a sexual activity of the same sex. "Men and women are criminalized under the law," according to the organization. "The same -sex sexual activity can also be penalized under sharia, under which the death penalty is possible, although there is no evidence that this was used against LGBT people."

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