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Jeremih! His first solo single in six years.

Jeremih breezes through songs like he’s recording from the backseat of a limo. On his last solo studio album, 2015’s Late Nights: The Album, he sang about stumbling through orgies and velvet-roped VIP sections, his wispy voice gliding over spare synth plucks and woozy bass. But there’s more to Jeremih than just debauchery; he’s one of R&B’s most tender lotharios, a persona he perfected on 2018’s MihTy, a collaboration with Ty Dolla $ign. In between triplet flows and sex-crazed verses, he approached ballads and slow jams with the winking earnestness of someone who’s promised his partner he’ll never step foot in a strip club again.


“Changes” marks Jeremih’s first solo single in six years. Produced by frequent collaborator and fellow Chicago native Hitmaka, it’s a breakup-to-makeup number whose nostalgic R&B is of a piece with MihTy. Over a glossy sample of Avant’s “Read Your Mind,” plus horn flares and a funky bassline, Jeremih tries to weasel out of a lovers’ spat: “How you gonna forget all the things we did in one argument?” He’s still muttering horny lines about handcuffs and favorite positions—but in the chorus, his cadence stabilizes and his apology deepens, his voice rising to a falsetto as he pleads for forgiveness. Rather than being passed out in the club, he’s “standing in the rain,” as confident as ever that he can strike the right note.

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