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Lizzo Now Has an Emmy and Three Grammy Awards

That same year, she hosted a 30-minute meditation on her Instagram to promote “healing during this global crisis.” Titled, “Because I Love You,” the video has drawn more than 3 million views to date. She begins the practice by playing her flute in front of burning incense and her collection of crystals, soothing her followers with a different sort of sound in lieu of the cancelled Houston Rodeo she was scheduled to perform that evening. While the flute wasn’t Sasha, her beloved instrument, which even possess its own Instagram account, it was a breezy toot, a more lightweight version of the melodic device.

“Fear does not exist in my body,” Lizzo says in the video, sharing her intended mantra for the session.”Fear does not exist in my home. Love exists in my body. Love exists in my home.” A month later, she joined SZA on Instagram Live with her flute to host another healing meditation.


Her enthusiasm for meditation has even seeped into her concerts. A Tweet from The New Yorker writer Helen Rosner commented on Lizzo leading a crowd at Radio City Music Hall through a guided meditation during her 2019 performance. (Writer’s note: “Truth Hurts” with a side of a self-love practice? How did I miss this?)


Meditation isn’t the only wellness routine that holds significance for the pop icon. On TikTok, she’s documented time spent hiking, doing a cold plunge, even working toward the Splits. (Yes, this is your sign that you, too, can come into the Splits. Just like Lizzo.)



But at the end of the day: celebrities, they’re just like us. In a recent Tweet, Lizzo expressed a sentiment that so many of us share: “I want my night routine to be: face mask, gua sha, leave-in/twists/bonnet, night tinctures/sups, toe spacers, mouth guard, guzzle 1L of water, no phone, breathwork, meditation, [and] wrist guard,” she wrote. “But my night routine is: Bathe/brush teeth/pass out w phone in hand.” #Relatable

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