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Yung Bleu Blasts Tank: "That's Why Ian Record To That Wack Azz Song"


As soon as you mention an artist being the "king" of the genre, emotions erupt. This is what happened after Yung Bleu reportedly retweeted a fan who wrote that the rising star may be the "new King of R&B." The Shade Room uploaded a screenshot of the tweet, including showing that Bleu co-signed the message, but R&B icon Tank reacted with a comment that some people believed was shady.


"I'm glad I'm from a different generation cause yall wild!... [sideways crying laughing emojis]," the singer wrote.


Bleu didn't appreciate the remark and "Another episode of a bitter old *****!" wrote Bleu. "Tank u still waiting on that verse that's why u mad . U supposed to be a Og ! U commenting on shade room acting like.a female. Don't worry I'm not interested in being labeled as no king of r&b I'm about to be a real Super Star soon ! I don't say **** to y'all dudes I be in my own world."


Bleu added, "I already felt you weird energy that's why Ian record to that wack *** song."

Tank is currently working on what's expected to be his final album and he lamented recently about R&B artists not responding to his calls. He penned a message on social media about the decline in camaraderie within R&B and felt as if working on his record was "bittersweet." Bleu has also shared a screenshot of Tank checking with him about collaborating on a track.


Tank has responded to Bleu's post with a video explanation of his original comment. Check out Yung Bleu and Tank below.





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